Huawei P20 Pro Camera Review

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Huawei Mobile just set the benchmark really high for smartphones launching in 2018. We hardly need to post edit the pictures on the Huawei P20 Pro before posting on to social media.



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  1. very true! since I touched and owned this phone and sold my Iphone 6s plus, I am totally having no regret and so addicted to the night mode and other camera options p20 pro has to offer… set my life easier to post something online on social media.

    Even my brother who has iphone 7 plus amazed with the result of the pic I took with the p20 pro

    Get it guys! the camera will make you want to travel and adventure to play around with it ??

  2. funny thing is i got the phone before watching any reviews and im dumbfounded by the amount of weird reviews discrediting the camera. and also its true about the minor tweaking is good enough for posting for instagram, i dont even use light room just a phone app too. great tip btw with the night mode will try that thanks

  3. I bought a rebel DSLR T6 but I would like to try the Huawei p20 pro for food photography instead (shorter learning curve), would you say the smartphone is the better option for food and selfie shots used for blogging and Instagram?

  4. Hello! It s possible to shoot only using the leica monochrom into the huawei p20 pro? And the pixel output of the mono photo is equal to? ? How many megapixel are mono files jpg or raw? Thanks

  5. Hey great review I have the p 20 pro and I’m wondering how to view the photos on my MacBook Pro to compare shots taken with my Fujitsu camera do you have any tips please or is there any apps I may need .thanks Clive in Nottingham uk .

  6. Your Hyatt Paris Etoile photo is STUNNING!
    I came from an iPhone X & have had my Huawei P20 Pro for about a month & I LOVE IT!
    My only regrets: 1) not getting the "Twilight" version & 2) Buying the iPhone X in the first place ($1150!).
    Finally, Thank you for your wonderful review!

  7. Thanks for sharing the tips on using night shot on all the photos. Anyway is it possible for you to review the differences between the 10MP and 40MP during shooting and also it would be great if you can do a phone video mode review as well. Thank you

  8. Hi Thx for the great review would like to hear about the headjack what do you thing p20 pro remove the headjack slot and how do u take a really nice photo tutorial

  9. I heard that the P20 has problems when opening a certain web site or social media page, that not all the page can be viewed, can you tell me more about this please

  10. Hello,

    Thank you for the video.

    Did you have any experience with shooting things that are "in movement" (like cats/dogs etc.) in the night mode? Will it work as well?

    (I know, probably not.)

    Thank you for your help.
    I'm sorry for the inconvenience

  11. Any idea for the front camera please? Because the front camera is too bright and smooth such as I turned on the beautication mode. I really beh tahan the bright and smooth, please help me to find out any tips and tricks about the bright and smooth?

  12. I still prefer my samsung i bought the P20 but unable to find the remote control setting for my aircon and very disappointed i cant put my sd card inside this phone.

  13. Am I right if I say, technically the Mate 10 Pro (also Kirin 970 and NPU unit) should also be capable of having a "AI supported night mode". Sad that there`s no update for my 5 months "old" Mate 10 Pro….

  14. So excited for this, really wish I had the cash to invest in this. The 970 is really a let down imo, but I'm just over here drooling over how incredible the p30 pro will be

  15. Can u review p10 plus vs p20 plus and and what is pros and con with this phone.. Currently i using a p10.. By the way great review.. First impressions of this p20 plus with triples camera is a gimmick… Until watching your vedio.. Damn is good… Really surprised result..