Huawei P20 Pro DNG Colour Shading Removal

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Out of camera DNG files appear to have a severe colour shading which looks cyan-green and about 1 stop difference centre to edge. Out of camera JPEGS from either the native camera app or from 3rd party software (like Lightroom mobile) do not have this.
No profiles for this camera available so I decided to make my own set of Photoshop-camera raw actions to reduce this effect.
In this video I show the sequence of steps needed to create your own profile for your camera.

I also have uploaded the action to my photographic blog site so you can see if they work for you. You’ll also find the reason that I think that this effect is happening:


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  1. Hi graham, colleague is looking to buy his teenage daughter her fist camera fir xmas. Probably a bridge camera. He's been looking at canon and Sony bridge cameras around the £180 price range. Any suggestions ? I know your a long time advocate of Panasonic cameras. Cheers.