Huawei P20 Pro // Mini Review – Better than the Galaxy S9?

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Mini review of the Huawei P20 Pro after using it for 48 hours. Here are my thoughts on what I like and don’t like so far!

Huawei P20 Pro & P20 is coming to TELUS –

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  1. I think that what is important to realise is that outside

    of China, very few people were familiar with the name Huawei 2 years ago and I certainly was one of them. The fact that in 24 months they have almost come head to head with the
    King of Android, Samsung, says a lot. Huawei is already the third biggest phone manufactor in the world and who knows where they will in the next few years.

  2. Have tried both irl, personally thinks that S9 is slightly better in processing and overall performance. P20 looks way too processed all of the time, but the colors from it are bomb especially the 'smooth colour' setting. I'm slightly annoyed by the P20 software which keeps suggesting me mode to take photo. Video stabilization really sucks on P20 in 4k mode. The 5 minutes cap on 4K recording in S9 sucks.

  3. If i am gonna accept a notch in my mobile i will get it from apple but if i want the best overall i will definitely go for s9+….that been said i was expecting more from Samsung at least a better battery…anyway both not worth upgrade and i will wait for the note 9 hopefully samsung will give us bigger battery, better selfie cam & inscreen fingerprint sensor if they do i will blindly buy it

  4. Planning to get the P20Pro to upgrade from Nexus6. As soon as you stop getting new Android version updates on Nexus/Pixel devices, people would understand that stock Android is overrated. Have been using a MediaPad M3 tablet for a while and the UI doesn't bother me at all, completely negligible differences. Regarding S9+ comparison, in UK P20Pro is almost 50% cheaper per month (on EE) plus gives you a Bose headset if you pre-ordered (£300+ worth). I think these make P20Pro a no-brainer choice. I like S9 front design but the back is so ugly, plus as an office worker fingerprint sensor on the front is a big plus

  5. Huawei is now the second biggest mobile phone manufacturer in the world and you ordinary people are telling huawei they are doing something wrong? There's a lot more to making phones than shoving in all the features it can fit in a phone. Lol

  6. people keep complaining about the notch. ok, so could i ask where the front facing camera and the ear receiver gonna be placed at if without the notch to act as a space?

  7. You know Huawei screwed up when they went with a price tag higher than samsung flagship. All camera comparisons say P20 camera is miles behind the Samsung camera – and speed tests say the same. The price tag? P20 is more expensive – Huawei is now selling overpriced crap which is even more overpriced than its competitors. Well done, China!

    ME? I'm sticking with xiaomi – but if xiaomi starts heading the same direction, I'll switch to Samsung pronto. For the moment, xiaomi phones cost 5 times less than samsungs/huawei – while the quality is around 30% worse. Anyways, I have noticed that all chinese phones hype their cameras, but in comparisons tests always look like utter crap. On that note, mi a1, being cheap as hell, has a vastly superior camera (portrait mode) to the 2 year old samsungs/apple phones – which even now cost more than mi a1.

  8. cause of apples iPhone X notch every android company will copy dat notch on their phone but I hope samsung dosent add notch to their phone ?? long live samsung ??