Huawei P20 Pro Review: Camera Reimagined Again?

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Huawei’s new phone is really shiny, and really impressive.


Original resolution shots taken by the P20 Pro here:


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  1. photography is a major concern of all the time ., and i think you hit the core . when you said – "camera quality can be subjective due to personal preference to how images are being processed ." ,
    when we take alook around Sony , Nikon ,or Canon . they using a very solid , heavy, hardware – wt makes image processing is the main point of discussion

  2. TBH i thought you picked up the review points from MKBHD, but after comparing the dates, have to give it to you. Pixel fanboy or not, good job mate.
    Everyone here needs to know, pixel is google showcase product and their software engineering team is far superior to many. So it wont be a surprise that they have nailed the image processing department of camera.

  3. Even 5 year old S3 takes good photos in daylight. So it's absurd to compare the daylight photos. Cameras ability is judged by how good it performs in low light and it's zooming capabilities.. P20 is miles ahead of pixel 2

  4. Good review Alex. Had a look at the phone, felt the choice of materials could have been better to make it a more solid option. Besides hope they bring stabilization to 4K recording soon. Also could have brought wireless charging too but I guess they need something for the next iteration. I believe we also know what the mate 20 is going to look like with the queues from the Mate RS Porsche edition. Hope you can review this at some point. Thanks.

  5. You must be a pixel 2 fanboy. For daylight photos, these two are about the same. But you purposely ignored p20's 3x optical zoom and 5x hybrid zoom with little to no loss of details. This alone puts p20 in a different league. Oh, as for the night mode, p20 just blows pixel 2 out of water. Put the pixel night pictures next to p20's and you will see the huge difference. But wait, you are gonna call it "overprocessed"…no wonder you got so little views. Shame.

  6. My screen has a gradient hue to it. It's more obvious at a low brightness when looked at in the dark. Left side is darker than left side. Anyone facing the same thing?