Huawei P20 Pro Unboxing – First Look – First Impressions

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Huawei P20 Pro Unboxing – First Impressions – Hands On, in this video I unbox the Huawei P20 Pro and take a first look at the Huawei P20 Pro. With the Huawei P20 Pro, battery life will never limit you. It’s thanks to AI driven power management for maximum efficiency and Huawei SuperCharge, for fast refuelling.

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Experience the power of AI with the Kirin 970 Neural Network Processing Unit. With outstanding battery life and superior speed, it’s a leap forward for the P series.

In partnership with Dolby, the Huawei P20 Pro will use AI to detect the type of audio you’re listening too, adjusting the level to give you the optimal listening experience.

The AI built-in to the Huawei P20 Pro can distinguish between your voice and the background sound, cancelling out unnecessary noise at your end, and at the other end too.

Don’t let location or weather curb your creativity. Go wild with your photography with IP67-rated Huawei P20 Pro, that’s completely dustproof and water-resistant up to 1m.

Experience extraordinary vision on a 6.1” Huawei FullView FHD+ display with brilliant colours and high contrast. Co-engineered with Leica, the three-lens camera system of the Huawei P20 Pro works together with AI to ensure you always get the perfect photos every time. 40MP Light Fusion sensor for remarkable light and definition.
20MP black and white lens for unrivalled depth. 5X Hybrid Zoom for detail from a distance.

The Huawei P20 Pro’s 5X Hybrid Zoom means that if you want to capture more detail from a distance, now you can. Bring your subject closer, without compromising image quality.

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  1. Tech Ziller Very nice watching backwards and read the reviews.Nice deal with the headphones as well.You know I'm Huawei fan and I really like their devices.Awesome review.Keep up great Video's.I Love watching because it also gives me a reminder of all it can do.I liked the Tips and Tricks on the phone too.Thanks so much for sharing Deb.✌??

  2. I WANT THIS!!! ?? Where'd you get your Twilight colour version from? I can't find it anywhere over here. Do you have to tilt it to get the two tone look cos yours just looked blue? And the ones over here just say Black or Blue & not Twilight ?

  3. I am a years Samsung user but, Huawei P 20 pro is my next phone.Fantastic design and look, great display, best battery on market, great 128 gb storage, IP 67 dust and waterproof,fastest face unlock, great stereo sound and insanely good camera.

  4. Funny thing about the camera is rated to 40 mp but the 845 chip is only stable to two 16mp or 1, 32 mp camera so the camera could never really be used to potential making it not all that smart of a phone design. 2nd the S9+ beats it regardless with a 12mp but its not just 12mp. Its 12mp dual pixel. They are much larger then normal pixels allowing much more light and exposure etc.. out of the claimed just 12mp. The S9+ is a very efficient well put together phone and pictures are amazing. The same camera sense the S7 but software and small changes each year from 2015 to current with now dual aperture and dual optical zoom not just digital. I have had the S7 still have a S8+ and 2 S9+. The S9+ beats the S8+ pretty clearly which i can show anybody some beautiful low light moon pictures with trees and stuff in the background in several modes against my S8+ and my LGv20.
    To add to all this people need to remember last year the S8 was runner up camera only 2nd to the pixel but beats the pixel now. Also the S8 was phone of the year last year on 75% of phone magazines and testers with the only phone to surpass it in some cases was the iPhone X. Clearly the S9+ beats the Iphone X easily now in camera speed etc… the bench test vs live speed test tells a lot more as speed test in real life the S9+ is faster and doesnt have to reload games with 20 + apps running vs the X can not do as it had to rpeload many apps and most games in same test. There is not much difference between S8 and S9 but speed, camera and structurally stronger with 20% thicker glass to. A perfect phone really had no reason to make big changes and i this Samsung did a great job. I also picked up a LGv30 but compared to the S8+ was no contest so i returned it to get a super deal on S9+ buy one get one free. So i paid 450 each for them. Thank you LG for really screwing up on the V30 display and cameras as that made me return it. Its clean looking but to the S8 was no contest.
    Just some info people looking at buying these phones may want to know. The galaxy has been the lead android sense it came out and everybody has tried to compare or try to beat it which has not happened.

  5. Just ordered mine……………………………as I also want a good pair of quality wireless speakers ……..the pre order offer with the Bose ……….is great. brings the cost of the phone down to less that £500 in the uk.

  6. Just an addition, watched the new SuperSaf camera comparison against iPhone X, P20 pro definitely a good night camera compared to the iPhone, but rear camera video on P20 pro is absolutely terrible. Haven't seen as bad since my old Samsung S4. I'm very surprised at that, it really let's this phone down.

  7. Excellent video as usual TZ. It's a very nice phone, the pros for me are nice colour on the back, great camera and big battery. But the cons for me, is that for the price, which I'm hearing will be €900, a 1080p screen, ip67 and not ip68, no storage expansion (128gb isn't enough in the 4k video era), no headphone jack, a notch, which is already bad, but add a chin to make it even worse and this phone is not worth it. No phone with a 1080p screen, no Micro SD slot, and lower tier water resistance is worth more than 700 euro in my opinion. I'm guessing with a 1080p screen it won't be very suitable for VR either. If it turns out to be priced at around €700-750, then it's a good value phone. Just my opinion, but I'd definitely go for S9 plus before this. Always niggling the back of my mind would be what uninstallable malicious spyware might be hiding on it. They've been caught too many times up to that trick.

  8. Really like this phone. Only one thing about it. They should have but the home button – fingerprint sensor on the back. Would look much smarter. Other than that – looks amazing ???
    Sadly can't afford to buy it as I have a Note8 but if Huawei carry on making them this good – I may get one in the future ?

  9. It's hard to justify a phone blatantly trying to be an iPhone and from something as small as the notch and those god awful earphones and lack of a headphone jack, you just can't justify this uninspired unoriginal copout for the price. I'd rather go for the galaxy s9+ actauly making an effort to diverge from so many stupid and complacent trends in the mobile industry.

  10. Cool intro mate ,
    huawei looks to have upped the ante somewhat with a good device , but a pity they dumped the sd card and headphone jack .
    To me a camera centric phone capable of taking big mb/high detail pictures could chew through storage very quickly for some one who likes to take lots of pics .