Huawei P20 Pro – Video Camera Walkthrough: App, Settings, Stabilization and Quality

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In this Video, because you asked for it, we´ll show you the video camera of the Huawei P20 Pro and do a walkthrough on the App, settings, how good the stabilization works and generally how good the quality actually is. Huawei was alsways good with photo cameras, but when it comes to video, they were not quite there yet. Good news however: It got better.

Here you can find our detailed review [German]:

Huawei P20 / Pro – Tips und Tricks Part 1:

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  1. Hi. I checked my phone but it seems that the video just starts recording when you press the red button, wondering if there's a timer for the video
    Thank you

  2. I do not know why my Huawei P20 Pro have distortion in live recordings for facebook, does anyone have this problem? some configuration problem?? thanks

  3. Hi. As the P20 Pro doesn’t have optical image stabilization. Does that means it works better on a gimbal than other phones do? For instance, the iPhone have that little bump as u take a step with the iPhone on a gimbal.

  4. Thanks for this. I have changed my setting to compatibility mode. I took a bunch of video for my vlog and then tried to upload them into iMovie and the audio is the only things that will transfer. Any tips on how to transfer the visuals into iMovie? or is this phone to sophisticated for my 2010 iMovie program?

  5. Hi mate. Enjoyed your video, thanks for uploading. Can you please tell me what the phone is like filming quite moving objects please? I watch quite a bit of motor racing and want to know whether the phone will be good enough.