Huawei P20 Pro vs Canon EOS M50 Photography Challenge!

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We compared the photography capabilities of the Huawei P20 Pro smartphone with the Canon EOS M50 mirrorless camera.

Settings: Auto with Master AI for Huawei P20 Pro and Scene Intelligent Auto for Canon EOS M50.

For our our comparison article and more info, visit this link now.


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  1. I prefer to use Huawei P20 Pro for photo taking. I have a Canon M6 camera with 18-150mm lens and would say Canon mirrorless camera much below my expectation.

  2. Lol, man, Huawei has f1.8, while now, you are using a kit lens, which is f3.5 as the biggest aperture the lens can go. Just put a f1.8 lens on the M50 and you will be amazed by how lens can change the quality of your photo in many aspects.

  3. Lol, if you think phone is better than camera (DSLR or Mirrorless), that shows that you're not a professional photographer yet.. More to learn, my fellow friend.

  4. No way a smartphone beat a DSLR OR MIRRORLESS Camera. DSLR/ ML are meant for manual shooting which means for pro level. But mobile camera is based AI. The mobile camera detected the subjects distance and it corrected the compression of the image and already Color graded which you only watch everyday but you can't play with it

  5. m50 is outclassing way more p20. for Low light we can't compare 2.8 f. lenses with 1.2, you need faster aperture to capture low light, everything else goes to the Canon. When you compare the pictures of your face, there was such a big difference in the detail !

  6. LOL You can't compare a smartphone to a dslr or mirrorless camera. It just doesn't make sense. Canon M50 can go beyond what the HP20 can offer, camera-wise. M50 has other lenses other than the kit lens. Try it with a prime lens with f2 aperture and below or the powerful telephoto lenses from canon and you'll see how dslr/mirrorless cameras stomps the hell out of that smartphone.

  7. Ai doesn't make you a good photographer .. A smartphone is a compromise, and I'll only use mine for instagram shots, but I do use it in manual 80% of the time.

  8. lots of salty photographers…u have to keep in mind that a smartphone is something that u can put in your pocket and can perform way more tasks than a camera…in that retrospect, it's an hell of a photo taking device…..

  9. Most consumers will like the photo quality of the Huawei more than the canon pictures, also the Huawei is much easier to use and is a smartphone as well. so for the money payed the Huawei is a more versatile tool, camera manufacturers will have a even more hard-time competing with these smartphones, sales of DSLR cameras are already declining for years , giving them a hard time competing against smartphones, many prosumers ( journalist, press photographers) are already switching to smartphones!

  10. You can only notice the difference when you zoom in both pictures, if you take photos instantly with so much ease of use, just for insta or facebook better go for p20, quality seems to match with the dslr. Dslr always needs lightroom to shine. With p20 you can't miss the moment.