Huawei P20 Pro’s Single Best Feature: Long Exposure Shots Without Tripod

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  1. I really wanted this phone but the are too many bad points for me I need wireless charging, 4k 60fps the new Bluetooth so I can send music to 2 separate speakers at onces also 960fps in 1080p like the xz2 as 720p is horrid

    The 960fps on the p20 pro is faked too its why the slow mo stutters and warps because the phone is not powerful enough to capture 960fps so it fills in the gaps with blank frames making it seem 960fps but that's why it warps and looks a mess, the processor is too old and not powerful enough and that's also why no 4k stabilisation which for anyone interested Huawei have said there wont be any update to add it, this is again the processor literally can not handle it, same reason why no stabilisation in 1080p 60fps

  2. Are those "super long exposure" photos saved in RAW? I mean dng files? Or is that yet another gimmick like g.pixel 2 that saves hdr/hdr+ only in jpg format and raw is dark anyway… I need answers! Those jpg files look really bad because of over sharpening and noise reduction that makes them look like a painting…

  3. Hi Ben, great video! Convinced me to go out and buy one myself. Question – how come your Instagram app takes up the entire screen but my one has a black bar on top even though I had kept the notch option in settings…?

  4. very honest review, makes other reviewers who intentionally or unintentionally omitted this amazing feature in their videos (some of which were even titled as "camera review", but interestingly, skipped this game changing camera feature) look so stupid

  5. I love how this company keeps bringing in more innovations. Its phones kept getting better and better. This has given customers more choices other than samsung and iphone. I was really dissapointed by s9. P20 pro is the best flagship this year so far. Its design is so refreshing.

  6. I love Huawei how they try implementing new technology right away into their new flagship phones. I was really amazed when mate 10 came with the desktop mode but this seems a lot more useful when it comes to daytoday usage. Go Huawei( b'Ļ‰')b