Huawei P20 vs P20 Pro: Is the Pro worth the extra cash?

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The Huawei P20 sells for £200 less than the flagship P20 Pro. So at an eye-watering £799 in the UK, is the more expensive model worth the extra cash? Alex investigates.

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  1. Okay, I technically could afford both, hardly – but I could. I honestly don't need all that fancy stuff the Pro offers, but then again, I'm someone who uses his phone for 3-5 years, and this makes me want to stick with the better version .-. I sort of don't like to "bottleneck" myself when it comes to these things.
    I feel like I'm going to end up not buying any new phone, and stick with my Z5 lol
    I wonder if upgrading from my Z5 to a P20 (pro) would even be a true upgrade. Sure, Kirin and stuff sounds nice, but I honestly use my phone only for music, and the occasional whatsapp message. Oh and the camera of course.
    But they sure look nice. I'm probably just going to wait for the P30 lite, if it'll be similar to the P20, it might as well be the better bet for me.

  2. No its not worth it. I have the 256gb Pro version. My dad has 128bg Non Pro version, the photos taken are too small to tell. Oh yeah Pro is better, but if given choice again, i would buy the no pro version and same alot of money.

  3. I bought p20 pro i research many times between p20 pro vs s9 plus… I realised that p 20 pro iss really good i buy this cause from past many year of using smartphones while we click photos at night is really irritating but p20 pro is champ really low graininess or noise then s9 plus and i phone x… I only buy this device due to only for its camera those who need performance they should go for s9 plus but for camera go photos go for p 20 pro in s9 plus its good not bad very good but experience 3 camera is really lovely u will not regret buy this for camera

  4. I had a dream I went for a job interview with you guys. I was in an office with Alex and he had about 20kilos extra on him ( mostly on his chin lol) and he was asking me if I smoked pot. I said no and he started laughing. Not just a normal laugh either but more of a "I'm ripped as f…." laugh. Classic.

  5. If one wants a phone that looks like the iPhone X one can just buy one. Why do all these Android phones have to copy Apple?
    Everytime one pulls these out ppl will ask: "Oh is that the iFruit? No, it's a Chinese copy, BUT it's expensive too" :)))))

  6. And people say Samsung has a lot of bloatware. When you set up the s8 and s9 you are given the choice if you want to install Samsung's apps , email ,browser ,calender etc.

  7. So I finally got to plug my headphones into a P20 and a P20 Pro and after all the praise that has been lauded on these phones about their cameras, functionality and design I'm here to tell you that the audio experience is utter garbage and such a disappointment which is such a shame as I really had my heart set on one. So… Let's see how the upcoming HTC 12+ and One Plus 6 fair.