Huawei P30 Pro 2020 Review – is the magic still there?

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Hey it`s 2020 but I got myself the Huawei P30 Pro. How does it hold up in 2020?

In this video I am guiding you through my personal Huawei P30 Pro tour:
1. Build Quality
2. Ergonomics & Design
3. Camera Review
4. Performance & Battery

If you happen to have the awesome Huawei Watch GT2 then watch my full review and test of this amazing smart watch:

Enjoy the video!



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  1. Nice Video!!
    Honestly, I'm consider buying it soon, since I'm not those guy perusing for the latest (and most expensive🤭) phone. I'm still using P20 now. My main concern is regarding those update in GMS and Android system update later, since those policy and sanction could change anytime.

  2. disappointed with huawei p30 pro, after months of using it won’t open and the night mode doesn’t work. customer support? such a let down, rude and won’t listen unless you buy. now, i’m using iphone, and it works very well and it’s still working. apple center will also help with your inqueries. just base on my experien

  3. I love Huawei, I have the P30 Pro and I know how good this phone is, ppl don´t admit the truth, I´ve moved from Apple stupid phones to Huawei p30 pro and damn this beast is a real game changer!
    That was the best decision I had.

  4. P30 pro is a wonderful phone!! Battery life is the best I've used in years and so are the cameras. Nothing to complain about, this is one of the best phones out there!!