Huawei P30 Pro Cameras Explained!

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Zoom and camera samples:
Here’s everything you need to know about the cool new cameras in the Huawei P30 Pro!

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  2. Hy I have a question for p30lite. If i cover top 2 cameras it doesnt change anithing or cover the immage being taken. Does that mean only bottom cammera is functioning and the two on the top are uselles?

  3. I tested the Marco mode today. In a store. And it is amazing. I want this phone because of this feature. Really better than everything I have ever seen on a phone. And I did not often see a digital camera with better results. Go Huawei!

  4. this phone is the real tech product, you get something useful. unlike a flashy overhyped Samsung phone, you just buy it for cool and Samsung has no competition in the US thanks to the free market. LOL

  5. Not too sure why this "spying" thing really matters tbh. Doesn't the government already know most stuff about you already? Facebook, Google, Whatsapp, all share your info. Who cares? It's not like they're stealing your money or anything…

  6. It has an insane camera but the rest of the phone isn't much of blan upgrade sine the Mate 20 pro which is why I am more interested in the Mate 30 pro

  7. Isn't all this Camera stuff getting a bit ott now!! I mean it seems be now all major makes seems to be saying each year now "hey guess how much my camera can do" it's so obvious now they are all just trying to out do each other on cameras now. The average person just takes a few photos and sticks them on either Facebook or Instagram… Its getting kinda stupid now.