Huawei P30 Pro Got EMUI 10.1 UPDATE | New Features! ⚡⚡⚡

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  1. I have a P30 Pro and after doing this update, I lost a key feature and some music on my phone. Key feature I am talking about is raise to answer calls. It is enabled but just cannot work. Frustrating!!!

  2. Piece of crap update, fucked the camera options menu and the night mode. the worst part is that I cannot turn off increasing ringtone . Thinking of getting rid of my phone because of this update

  3. I cannot stand this update! Camera got worse now and is not so handy anymore. Have you checked self-timer? Before the update it was independent of both cameras (back and front) now, when I set up self-timer to the front it also changes back camera 😞 this is annoying. I also have impression that quality of pictures got worse

  4. I didn't update for 4 months lol i'm scared that my data is getting lost and that my social networks log out by themselves (I forgot the passwords😭) does it cause a problem delaying the update??

  5. I have problem with camera its perfect when camera is runing but when i wana see taken picture ist not that perfect anyone else have same problem will it be fixed if i update emu to 10….?