Huawei P30 Pro New Edition – The Google-Friendly Phone

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Huawei have announced the release of a new phone….but it’s an old phone.


German Huawei Store (€749,00) –

Huawei Watch GT 2e –

GSM Arena –

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  1. I think I'll get a Wa Wii phone soon and just get my Google apps from the Aurora app stores. Will that solve all my google app problem?

    "Wa Wii" actually sounds better than "Huawei," which is not only hard to pronounce but also hard to spell. Maybe a change of name could get more acceptance in the international market. Who knows, right?

  2. Burst ma baws with the whole war as I've pre ordered the p9, p20 pro and was planning on getting the p40 pro but decided against it.

    I see a black Friday deal on Vodafone for the phone at around £35 a month, possible down to mid £20 mark with my discount so I duno whether to go for it or not🤔 I'm reluctant to give up my twilight purple from the second p20 pro I got as my other one got robbed in Barcelona 🙄🖕🤣 and they grey looks ugly as fuck!

    I duno if Vodafone offer me it for £26 a month I may just bite the bullet and give myself a soft upgrade 🤔

    Is black Friday even worth it for phone deals or am I best waiting for around xmas n new year as that's when the contract ends as I gave ma mum my upgrade as she broke her old phone and I'm waiting on hers running out, but I can upgrade early

  3. Just came across your video, Although I don't go through phones, I fell in love with their camera, mates of mines have last years p30 pro phones, I just purchased new edition last night actually brand new from GiffGaff (no contract and unlocked) for £459. I was in that situation of staying with Samsung (s7 last phone) or moving forward but price and camera got me, If I got a new phone every time one came out I would be in endless contract or skint lol. Thanks for video

  4. Hallo Kevin & people! Which phone you should advise me between p30pro NE and Galaxy s20 FE for camera in particular, to bring it for some years. I don't need 5G. Thank you!

  5. Looking to upgrade myself, had the P20 Pro so naturally I thought to go to the P30 Pro New Edition, it's currently £100 off too. But I'm torn between this and the S20 FE, this one is £100 more than the P30 Pro NE but is also 5G enabled. Anyone recommend what's the best option?

    I'd be looking for the one that can last longer, as I really don't want to have to upgrade again for a while. Thanks

  6. So there are 3 different Huawei P30 pro new edition ? If the new edtion is in the name, google play is available or are there also 2 different versions of the new edition. I want to be sure, because the store told me there are 2 different new editions and only the last one have google playstore. But online and in your video, its just in it. or am i wrong ?

  7. Was about to order the P30 Pro on my network for €519 without a contract last week but they'd taken it off their site. Looked again this morning and the new edition is there for €499. I never grabbed my wallet so quickly.