Huawei P30 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – Super Slow Motion Video Test 960 FPS!

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  1. Looks like bullshit photography! The Huawei shots are always out of focus in your demonstration, whats that crap all about? other P30 pro vs s10+ show the Camera out perfroming Samsung!!

  2. Was die beiden Smartphones an gehen liegt Samsung beim Zeitlupe Aufnahme grafisch gesehen 1 Punkt voraus mach meiner Sicht an ich bin und bleibe für Samsung inşallah

  3. I like Huawei phones very much and I find their quality of photos very good, but slow motion… Is it really so worse than other phones? In this comparison it is obvious that Huawei does it bad… I prefer to see it by myself.

  4. I'm using s10 plus first.. BUT I CHANGE TO HUAWEI P30 PRO. You want to know why.? Because of PUBG.. Play on s10+ got many fps drop.. But I can tell s10+ Is really good on slow mo and wide angle camera.. But only in gaming s10+ is out.. Btw I'm from Malaysia so the chipset is exynos.. Hope Malaysia will get the SD version so I will stick with Samsung again..

  5. Согласен что в замедленной съемке самсунг лучше качество, но как телефон он говно, был, пользовался, больше не хочу, хуавей намного лучше делает телефоны, в плане системы.