Huawei P40 Pro Impressions: What We Should Copy!

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Fist impressions of Huawei P40 Pro! The ultimate camera?
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  1. Hmmm… there is 2 possibilities here.. that u have made this coz u are scared that if u say the truth about the phone that u gonna be banned or that someone has to pay u a lot to do this sh1t of impression…. i have this phone.. exactly the same color and I'm sooo proud that u bought it… it is super phone …. people please don't listen to this idiot … this phone is an ultimate win… iPhone and Samsung are in sh1ts right now…. they can only try to copy some of the parts and to be a year behind… HUAWEI is now the greatest brand…that google service is replaceable and they know it.. that is the true reason that they are spreading this sh1ty propaganda about Huawei…peoples are scared of changes and that fear is pumped by leading Brands on this or that way….

  2. Why copy? There's nothing innovative about Huawei.

    Chinese companies just try to improve upon other people's innovations. They don't really innovate themselves. In fact they cannot.

    A fundamental requirement of true innovation is freedom. Freedom to think, say and do at all levels be it individually, organizationally or nationally.

    That is why China steals so much tech.

    Consider their high-speed rail network (bullet train) technology that they stole and copied from Japan (and Europe). And then look at the record…

    Chinese bullet train – introduced 2007 – almost 200 deaths and 1000 injured (and these are the ones we know of from news reports because the government keeps the real figures secret).

    Japanese bullet train – introduced 1965 – 0 deaths and 0 injuries.

    Of course the Chinese can make some scientific discoveries and be the first to roll out 5G/6G etc. but unless their system of governance changes any progress or advancements they make will always be on the shoulders of others.

    In fact they are only first to 5G because they basically got 4G tech for free. Where as the Western companies that spent billions on R&D for 4G are still in debt.

    Out of China's top 10 richest individuals 5 made their billions from the internet. What input or help did China ever give for the creation and development of the internet? Zilch!

    End of rant.

    p.s. no such thing as a Huawei camera. Their cameras are German.

  3. You are the man "what we should copy from Huawei", the in your review " I'm not trying to say they copied (the weather app) HeHe, Make up your mind do you advocate copying or nor?

  4. To the people who is complaining about Google Services. Have you guys ever heard of microG? or YouTube Vanced? or Huawei's own HMS ? Or as matter of fact Aurora Store? If not, Please learn and educate yourself before commenting.

  5. When Huawei did 5G on this phone it was the day Apple died since if you live in China and using the 5G infrastructure it’s live driving a Maclaren whilst everyone else not in HK or China is still driving a Suzuki cappuccino ;). When Apple brings out any new phones in the future there is nothing they can do with the features that will compete with Huawei….

  6. J Trump attacks on the Huawei Products makes people started buying Huawei Phones. Falling in love with Huawei Phones **** Unnecessary attacked.