Huawei P40 Pro vs Galaxy S20 Ultra vs LG V60 ThinQ vs iPhone 11 Pro Max | Camera Comparison!

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How good is the Huawei P40 Pro vs the Galaxy S20 Ulta vs the LG V60 ThinQ vs the iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera? Let’s find out in the Ultimate Camera TEST!

Huawei P40 Pro:
Galaxy S20 Ultra:
iPhone 11 Pro Max:
LG V60 ThinQ:

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Nanlite Pavotube:
Sony A7III:
Tamron 28-75:

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  1. I know im late as in the LG V60 you go in to the setting and set hdr10+ and you can set Steady Recording with you want a smoother video recording.. The thing with LG v60 you have alot of setting.. But anyway great video man..

  2. T-mobile couldn't repair my LG V40 (that I bought on eBay) under their insurance so now they're sending me a brand new LG V60 for free. Stoked!

  3. минуту назад

    Сравни, только честно в лобовую LG V60 и ULTRA S20 . Только не забудь про звук, звук записи и про звук в наушниках!

  4. Зачем на lg v60 отключил стабилизацию, ночной режим, hdr, и поставил формат 16:9. Хитришь парень, а это не хорошо!!!

  5. I don't understand every other reviews shows that Huawei does better than every others in low light but this is the only review I have seen showing the Samsung as the best

  6. Can we realize that the LG and the s20 ultra are all almost a whole year ahead of iPhone just think Lg came out March this year and the s20 ultra came out February 2020 a whole year ahead of their last phone they’ve had a whole year and the siphoned came out in September 2019 when the new iPhone comes out this year pretty sure it will beat all of these

  7. Absolutely fantastic overview! Thank you very much! Keep it up! But I would like to now about processor on Samsung Galaxy 20 ultra in the video. Was It snapdragon or exynos? And how It influence on the camera and photos? Thanks in advance!

  8. 1. S20 (over all best performance in this video)
    2. V60 (#1 if we're talking bang for buck ….I also don't think he had stabilization on as other reviewers have)
    3. P40 (this could swap places with v60 in most cases and I wouldn't mind)

  9. At this point… All these phones can produce really good photos; for example.. If I take a picture and post it on social media, nobody will know which phone it was taken with. It comes down to other options, ie: display size/res; software look/feel, design of the phone, headphone jack, and also what you are already used to.

  10. Hey there I love your review but I just want you to off beauty mode in the huawei p40 if you haven't so you will tget the most realistic photo. Thanks

  11. So, we have a clear winner for iPhones – 11 Pro Max, for Android – LG V60 – here is why.
    1. Manual mode – other phones can't do shit in comparison.
    2. Audio in videos.
    3. Price – it's the cheapest of the 3.
    4. S20u in EU has a crappy, overheating CPU and drains battery fast so it's pointless to buy one.
    5. P40 Pro – without Google services it's bad currently.

  12. I was really impressed with the LG. Everyone knows auto modes are LG's weak point. Yet it held its own in auto with clearly superior audio. I would personally rather adjust images and video in post then clean up bad audio. That is just my personal preference.

  13. This is purely based on my opinion but the V60 made some of the greatest shots, all of them seemed to have a few weird ones, they all seem to interpret light differently or have image processing tuning set differently!

  14. Sorry your comparisons are horrible. I disagree using your own shots. Clearly samsung biased. Try using settings on LG. Use stabilization settings are better than samsung. Use digital zoom is better than optical zoom on the samsung. Compare everything!

  15. Im a lg guy but the ultra wins all around … But the lg has the best bang for buck and is super close in performance also …. Most things you dont like about the lg ..manual mode could fix so ill buy the lg (edited add on) the lg has a steady record mode that's turned off by default

  16. In video the scene is reducted like EIS video… ¿All of phone is using EIS? Because in tern of stabilization EIS could be better that normal stabilization