Huawei P40 Pro vs. Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – zoom comparison

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Not much of improvement from the P30 Pro.


0:00:00 Intro

0:00:10 5x zoom
0:01:22 10x zoom
0:02:34 20x zoom

0:03:46 1080p videos (1-15x zoom)
0:04:45 1080p videos (15x zoom)

0:05:40 Points

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  1. Any chance to test the P40 Pro+? At least it has a 10X optical zoom.
    But honestly the problem of Huawei about zoom and video, is that with different sensors, it's nearly impossible to smooth zoom in without stopping to a wrong zoom level, where the grain makes the image worse, instead if reaching the right zoom level: 5X and 10X

  2. There's not much difference between the two at 5x zoom, but 10x and 20x zoom really shows that proper optical zoom with zooming mechanism is still relevant. The difference is day and night.

    Also, I see colour differences in the video. It seems like the Samsung produced far more realistic colour than the Huawei.

  3. If zoom was that important the K Zoom had sold better 😅 . Would be interesting to see how the K Zoom works in low light with max zoom vs P40 pro ^^. Because at that zoompoint their sensors are the same size 🤔😉

  4. This channel got called out lol they had to hide the name because they were not being super positive XD
    You can see the excess NR (imo) on p40 pro