Huawei P40 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus | Next Gen Smartphone Camera Tech Compared!

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Comparing two of the most advanced smartphone cameras we have seen to date. Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Plus and the Huawei P40 Pro.

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  1. so you took photos with the s20 plus during day time and then you took photos with the p40 pro at night and then you compared them ? lol if you are going to be so biased at least don't make it so obvious

  2. Deamn, not sure what to buy! I can get them at a same price. Love P40 pro for battery and IR face unlock. In my region Samsung comes with Exinos so that is con for me. On the other side, Samsung has a GMS- not that I depend on it, it's just be easier to sell it one day. Also, I think Samsung has a bit better software support. Huawei looks better in my opinion, but that's subjective. Huawei has better sound recording in videos as seen in reviews, but Samsung has better video stabilisation. Really not sure what to do.

  3. Samsung should be more honest and put an E or S at the model name so you know what you are getting. Almost every S20 reviewed is the Snapdragon variant. The Exy version is not as good.

  4. P40P is just jaw dropping. Was looking for the S20 but in Europe it comes with that shitty exynos processor that reduce performance, battery and also don´t make the camera produce as good images as from the snapdragon variant…

  5. Samsung pics are too edited, oversaturated and oversharpened, and all the bugs they got. Good cameras, bad software. Unbearable for 1400$