Huawei P40 vs P40 Pro | Should I upgrade to the Pro?

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Comparing the new Huawei P40 Pro flagship smartphone vs the standard P40, to see whether that Pro version is worth the extra cash. We take a closer hands-on look at Huawei’s hardware, including the camera tech, displays, performance, battery and other specs, to fully compare these mobiles.

I’ve already done a full unboxing tour of the P40 Pro and its smaller sibling here on Tech Spurt, while my tips and tricks guide will dive into EMUI 10.1 and the apps situation.

I love the compact design of the regular Huawei P40, which will also boast a more affordable price. However, the Pro model does upgrade the camera tech to a new quad-lens setup. It’s the same primary UltraVision lens, but the wide-angle and telephoto shooters have been boosted and you also get a Time of Flight sensor.

Likewise, because the P40 Pro is bigger, you get a larger battery stuffed inside. And this beast supports 40W wired or wireless charging, unlike the standard smartphone. There’s also full IP68 water and dust resistance, plus a 90Hz display.

My full Huawei P40 and Pro reviews will be coming soon but which mobile are you most tempted by?


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  1. Definitiv das P40 Pro❤️ das P40 ist ein wirklich gelungenes Gerät aber das P40 Pro ist alleine durch das Umgekehrte Laden ohne Kabel ein Meilenstein der Technik und hält noch so manch andere Überraschung bereit💪🏼🎁

  2. Hi, dreat video, current phone P30 pro.
    Looking p40 pro or plus as business phone, concerned about security around banking.
    Will phon get software for that 3-3 period?

  3. Great looking phone with good features, I'd have likely got one if it wasn't for the lack of Google Services so went with an Oppo Find X2 Pro instead

  4. The lack of Dual SIM is a major thing for me. I really wanted to buy something aside from Apple or Samsung. Xiaomi 10/pro was an option, but can't cope with their prices and massive size right now.