Huawei Watch 1 Year Later !

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  1. Can you please review this watch again right now after 2 years? I am planning to switch to android and thinking of buying android wearable as well. I looked around other android watches but still this is a watch I loved. I wanted to see if it lags with android wear 2.0 or not. Thanks in advance!

  2. I have just bought one for cheap in the UK, second hand. I think for the price, £75 incl of postage I think it's well worth taking a plane. It looks like a classic timepiece and is a nice a nice alternative to the Moto 360 version 2 that I already own.

  3. i was going to buy a brand new one for $450, is it still worth it for the price? or should i get an used one? the price on my country stil hasn't dropped yet