HUAWEI Watch GT 2 – How to Download Music onto Your Watch

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Music on the move.
Here’s how to download music from your Huawei device straight onto your #HUAWEIWATCHGT2.
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  1. Im getting file corrupted when playing songs to my GT2 watch. The songs play perfectly on my Huawei phone but not on my GT2 watch. Any thoughts about it?

  2. I love those watch, really wanted to buy it. But there is no spotify offline support which is crucial for my running. Is there any way how to transfer music from spotify to watch before running?

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  4. When are you planning to upgrade the iOS app? Plenty of functions could not be utilized on the watch – such as adding music – as the app does not support it.

  5. ojala huawei cumpla mi sueño en verdad de abrir fabricas de smartphone y tecnología en mi país Venezuela seria lo mejor que me pasara en la vida sin exagerar seria lo mejor que me pase en la vida que viva huawei

  6. Hi, Huawei. Id like to buy an GT 2, I think is just perfect for my needs. But ive heard that it doesnt have that many interfaces. Can you please custom some more? Thank, you
    Regards from Romania 🇷🇴

    P.s.: If you would answer my message would be soooo great…have a stunning Day! 😂