Huawei Watch GT – AMOLED – 5ATM – 7 Day Battery Life

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Huawei Watch GT – AMOLED – 5ATM – 7 Day Battery Life
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Huawei Fast Charger
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1.39 inch AMOLED Display
Resolution of 454×454
CPU: Cortex M4 low powered
128MB Internal Storage
Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, NFC
Custom LiteOS
Heart Rate Monitor/Pedometer
420mAh Battery (7days)
5ATM Water resistant
Removal Straps

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  1. It looks pretty nice… My Pebble2 HR are dying, I'm looking for a new smart watch right now.
    Just wondering if this watch can connect to Runtastic/UA Record as a regular HR monitor ?

  2. I got the same watch and too over a month to arrive with emails bac and forth, the original price of the Watch GT was labelled £260, Wireless charger doesnt work correctly with there Flip Case on

  3. I own this watch for about month and i'm starting to doubt about its heart rate monitor. It shows me, for every single night the same lowest BPM; 40. I really want to know if its limited to 40 or what…i searched all over internet-no answers…. anyone?

  4. I have bought Huawei Watch gt Classic last month, and I am absolutely satisfied. This is probably the best not only smartwatch but watch at all. 3 mm thinner then Samsung watch, 5 mm thinner then Fenix 5 and Fénix 3 but with same functions. For half price… Perfect for everiday usage, enough elegant for Business and absolutely comfortable for ever.

  5. So many ppl don't get what this watch is about. It's a fitness tracker. It's not trying to be a smartwatch. Huawei don't want it to have all the bells and whistles of WearOS devices. They want it to track fitness and track it with accuracy. They aren't interested in NFC and all the other battery draining crap ppl don't care about when out swimming or on a long distance run.

  6. No wonder the battery last so long. It strips down a load of features to the point where it might as well call it a fitness tracker and NOT a smartwatch. If you want a fitness tracker you're better off with a Fitbit charge 3 with all the features of the Huawei including long battery life and about 30-40% cheaper. Why try to look like a smartwatch when you are not, you're setting yourself up for disappointment when you realise it is missing 90% of the features!