Huawei watch in 2018. Still worth it?

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Alot of people asked me how the watch is still holding up today, so I figured why not make a video
On my feelings about the watch for 2018.

Thanks for viewing!


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  1. This watch recently got the very latest Wear OS version update, even after all the blogs said it wouldn't. What a nice surprise.

    I still love mine, even after 3 years. For looks alone there is nothing that matches this yet. And really, since the design is "classic watch" and not "techy", the design will probably never look bad and dated.

    Unfortunately over the summer mine died… possibly from water damage, I'm not sure. I ended up buying and installing a new battery. Now it works 100% as good as new, and better than day one because of the new Wear OS which runs really well on this.

  2. I too am rocking the original Huawei (waiting for that perfect replacement model with the best features of the original Huawei plus the 3100, NFC and a rotating crown!). I had horrible drop in battery life with 2.0 to the point I could barely get thru a workday and this was tweaking Ambient off (is with the screen off until I raised my arm), gestures off, brightness at 3, etc. This vid is over 4 months old so curious if you are getting better results now because – Finally Google made some sort of change to 2.x in response to the horrendous battery life (minimizing background tasks, adjusting WiFi, etc) and I now make it thru a full workday – typically even last a full 24 hours on most days!!! Sometimes if I have used my Huatch heavily it may be only 21-22 hours- BUT this is now with Ambient mode ON all the time, Wrist Gestures On, brightness at 4 (the Huawei 1st Gen only had 1-5 Briight levels)- all the settings I dearly missed during the early 2.x days trying to eek out enough power to get thru an 8hr workday are now back on! I also now use more apps, tho i notice Google Maps makes the Huatch battery take a noticable hit melt by being installed so I keep it off the watch. Of course now I'm annoyed because the Huawei is like the last watch too hot have the latest UI update so I'm wearing my Wear 24 and Huatch on deferent wrists. Guess it's always something! But yes, my original Huawei battery has held up well and outlasts newer, higher capacity watch batteries with Wear 2.x getting some optimization love from Google! Currently on Wear OS 2.17xxxxx and waiting Google to flip the new UI on the Huawei, and hoping that the Huawei GT watch is NOT their 3rd Gen and Wear OS has been abandoned by them, and that's why Google hasn't rolled out the UI update. So to summarize this overly long post:Original Huawei watch performs admirably well and has good battery life even in 2018 provided latest Wear OS updates are installed, and will certainly hold a user over until a comparable model comes along they looks as good but with the modem features the OG Huawei is missing (NFC forG pay, 3100 Processor, rotating crown or bezel, etc).

  3. My Huawei is still a beautiful addition to my day. It still works Just as good as the day i got it. I charge it every night, which is the biggest bummer, but it works perfectly still.

    I sort of want to get something new, but i can’t find anything as gorgeous and functional.

  4. i still using this watch and install a lot of apps …. it work perfectly not like vid describe, sorry mate, u need to learn ur watch, i'm glad u move over to apple.

  5. Good review and comments. I am considering buying one of these for the features it offers. I know that as you say, these are old technology yet I like this one over the model 2 for the larger screen. I have found new replacement batteries for them on eBay as well as other replacement parts. As for the Android 2.0 OS, I like the Wear OS offerings. My first smartwatch was the Asus ZenWatch 2 which I still have and like but it lacks the heart rate monitor as well as the fitness tracking capabilities. I am still shopping though and I hope I can find one at a reasonable price. Thanks again for the review.