Huawei Watch Jewel Review

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We take a look at a smartwatch that is catered towards women, in this Huawei Watch Jewel review! Is an updated design enough to make this a must-have?

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  1. I like how people call it the whahwei (like the w in "wow") watch. Are they unable to grasp the H sound in Huawei? I mean even Chinese speakers pronounce the name with the H in it. It seems like north American culture has a thing for this pronunciation, as if it's somehow more classy and elegant. Sounds pompous to me.

  2. what all watches need is an untra saving mode or a setting to turn off functions to make it a NORMAL watch. that would last for months. it cant be that hard…

  3. It looks great, sure, but Pebble 2 lasts up to TEN DAYS on a single charge. A watch I have to charge everyday is beyond unacceptable for average folks. Enough said.