Huawei Watch Review in 2018 with Android wear 2.5 – Still the king of Android wear smart watches?

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Huawei Watch 1 Review 2018 – In this video I’ll quickly go over the positive and negative aspects of Huawei watch the original (huawei watch 1) after android wear 2.5 update. I really like this huawei watch and I use it on a regular basis for the last year. This huawei smart watch has a lot of positive aspects and a few negative points which I’ll tell you in this video.

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  1. 1. Can you pair it with an Android tablet (Nexus 7 2013), instead of a Smart Phone (which I don't have). Can you upgrade it to 2.0 using a tablet instead of a Smart Phone, or do you upgrade it across wifi?
    2. Also, can you receive all your notifcations and weather updates and data across your home wifi network, instead of bluetooth? Is doing so, so power hungry it's not feasible to leave wifi on all day long?