Huawei Watch Review – One Year Later (With iOS)

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➤ In this video we’re reviewing the Huawei Watch. Probably the best looking android wear smartwatch as of today. We’re also mainly focusing on it from an iOS standpoint.

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  1. Got it. Great looking. Awesome if you like rotating watch faces a lot and for notifications but nothing much else. Not the watchs fault per se. Android Wear sucks at apps.

  2. Just received this as a gift from my boss, getting notifications for everything needed except for texts on iOS, I know you said you can't respond to texts but would be awesome to get the notification, is there a setting for this or is it just supposed to work?

  3. Hi, I was wondering when I went to amazon I saw the International Version in 349$ and the US version $200 whats the difference? Does water damage the phone?