Huawei Watch Review!

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The Huawei Watch is one of this year’s most anticipated Android Wear devices – but does it provide enough aside from its great round design to the established ecosystem? Josh is here to find out.

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  1. I'm pretty disappointed with mine – the problem is that some Wear apps want to use Wifi, others want to use Bluetooth. Some need both. So basically to do anything you have to turn both on, which is a HUGE power draw. If you don't have a SmartPhone, it's doublely useless. In the end, you just use it as a watch with everything off with a very poor 4 day battery life.

    Without a Smartphone or with Connectivity turned on, or with the Google Cloud being unavailable, you're basically wearing an almost useless black brick on your wrist. You can swish through the list of all the Android apps you have in the app drawer, but almost none of them will work without network connectivity (things like weather apps, or google hangouts). I can't get weather on mine, or even instant messages from my significant other, unless I connect it to my tablet, which kind of makes it a fail.

    I thought the watch would impress people as looking like something fun to ask me to play with, but nobody has been impressed as they just see a black obelisk disc on my wrist. My $25 dumb silver Casio Royale always gets nice comments and gets noticed… I have yet to get any comment about my Huawei Smart Watch :-/

    The Huawei ends up being a garage queen on the custom stand I made for it, and my Casio 1500 ends up being my daily driver… it's way more rugged, infinite battery life, atomic precise tiem, and has a barometer and always on time display. It's not perfect, but as a watch, it does the watch part at least right. In the end, it's a fun toy, but not a practical watch or even useful gizmo.

    Maybe if Andoid Wear gets its connectivity issues figured out, so you can use either bluetooth OR wifi for all data transfer, and not need both on at the same time, and be able to function completely standalone without a smartwatch pairing, maybe they'd have something.

  2. i am planning to buy huawei watch. can you please tell me how much time does it take to charge from 0 to 100% battery. can you also tell what are the other watch i can buy which are better than this watch with a similar price range