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The unboxing and hands on video of the Huawei Y6 smartphone.
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  1. Pronounced "wha-way" not "hoo-eee" . I worked for Huawei Canada connecting Cellular towers. ALL of the LTE signals your fancy S8 and iPhones and G6s get all come from Huawei Radios and antennas. Huawei basically owns every tower in Canada with their equipment and name. So next time you think " oh my iPhone is the best, oh my galaxy s8 or note is the best" your shit is only working because of the Huawei equipment bahaha

  2. Hello new subscriber here! lol anyway can u please do some info vids on blu cellphones? I have two teenage daughters and they run through phones like water:/ lol thank you. Nice voice and very easy for me to understand. 🙂 canada too:)