Huawei's P40 Pro Plus review: Is this the best phone camera?

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With a whopping 10x optical zoom, Huawei’s P40 Pro Plus can take some outstanding images, while its slick design and vibrant screen make it a pleasure to use. Too bad it doesn’t have any Google services.

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  1. Pity you didn't talk about the Wide Angle definition and function – which, actually, from experience, is far more useful than the 10x zoom – which I very, VERY rarely use on the P30Pro because without a tripod its almost an impossibility… And – yes – no Google Apps IS a deal-breaker (fo rme, at least): as is the fact that Huawei is "Chinese" and so probably has a backdoor..! I only keep the P30 BECAUSE of the WideAngle – which IS still better than any others on the market and has a higher resolution.

  2. With a little inginuity and know how it's possible to have a well rounded experience. P40 pro is probably a better deal. It's available for 42 quid a month here in the UK. What other top notch flagship can be bought for that. Crome, Gmail, Twitter. Facebook, Maps are all easily available. It's only Uber, Drive, Playstore, and Pay that are difficult. Mines on the way

  3. Hope its better than the P30 Pro, worst phone ever, best camera, worst interface, functions, pressure sensitivity, layout, themes, software etc. Finally gave it to someone for an A20 as a joke and I would take an A 20 10 out of 10 times, wait, thats a lie, I'd take the P30- Pro everytime and sell it and then buy the A20 and a PS5 or XBox 1 or new tires for my car or….. I have owned almost every decent phone above the $750 price and all the top 5 ranked phones since 2016 and the P30 was so bad I wont even look at the 40 unless Im paid which I am, so I will look at it, sorry for all the lying 🙂

  4. But is it still more expensive than the Galaxy Ultra with the bigger memory to match? And with Google being forced into a u-turn after deleteing Churchill from some searches I think that's enough of them for me 🙂

  5. Comparing the Huawei P40 pro to the IPhone 11 Pro is mocking iPhone users .

    iPhone 11 user need to book a studio with professional lighting for its “special” photo feature.

    Huawei with raw mode will allow anyone to edit with more.

  6. I don't use the official YouTube and other google apps installed with android phones, I try to disable them and use alternatives (better features and less load on the phone, beside: less data leakage).. for me I see this is a better phone than Samsung .. at least in term of security and pre-installed software.

  7. Huawei's got 10x optical zoom vs 4x optical on S20 ultra, and look at the difference between the build and these colours. It's like beauty and the beast. P40 Pro plus all the way for me.

  8. 2:47 why I think the zoomed 10x shot from samsung is much better? There are so many artifacts on shot from Huawei. The edges of the buildings are not straight anymore. samsung photo looks more like camera and natural.

  9. Watching Michael Fisher's video first , make me realize people really need to appreciate the engineering marvel behind this and just appreciate how great is this phone, no one forcing anyone buying this phone but it's just so good u gotta give it a chance even with the absence of google service (you can sideload playstore on the internet, although security "risk" is on your own)

  10. Chinese spy junk with stolen technology, technical advice for terrorists and criminals to avoid the police, what’s wrong with CNET?

  11. Without google services, its just a point and shoot device. Google should completely ban Huawei from using their open source software or stop Android from being an open source. Let Huawei develop it’s own from the ground and see how it goes. They have the resources to build their own and should not rely on half bake Android