I Bought a FAKE iPhone 11 and Apple Watch from Wish!!!

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OMG, I bought apple products from wish. Its so funny to see what we unbox from wish. IIn today’s video I bought an iPhone 11 Pro Max and Apple Watch Series 5 from Wish. This is a part 2 to my tech from wish video that you guys loved so much. I love buying fake tech from wish. It is always so interesting to see what we get. Was this a scam? Do you like wish? Let me know down in the comments below! IF you guys enjoy my wish videos please give it a HUGE thumbs up and subscribe. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next sarahgracesaturday!

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  1. She’s being low key mean, because the iPhone wasn’t that bad. For $100 that phone is amazing. Me myself I have an iPhone 11 Pro and even I don’t think that phone is that bad. I understand that she might be joking or just saying these things to make us laugh, but she literally sounds like a disobedient rich freak.

  2. Wish web is good but they have to recheck selling item. I was a new customer when I had a look some items that I want to buy them, I saw every item they posted with too low price even some items is free. I think this is a scam because when I saw some items too low price so I apply to buy them. I paid a dollar for this item and 2 dollars for item shipping. After few days they answered could not to sell it with that price then I refunded my a dollar for buying item but my money shipping was gone. I think It was the scam

  3. No no no no why are peaople always asuming that it is a galaxy. Galaxys are the highest selling phones the world.You guys can just an android or a fake phone you are using but galaxys are pretty good. Maybe in America its bad but here in Sa it slaps to guys pls stop

  4. This girl looks so nice but she seems so bratty and she yells at her mom for literally talking and I feel like she is just flexing she is acting so bratty and rich this is not a hate comment I am just trying to say the truth so plz do not hate on me for this… 😑 Edit: and also she is saying that she spent $120 on that fake phone so it should be at least decent but she literally spent like 10 times more on the real one and it literally has no purpose in having extra cameras like it doesn’t need so many just chill Apple we don’t need you trying to get fancy on us with that new phone that you copied from other phone company’s… once again not a hate comment… so plz don’t bother hating on me it is just my opinion and the sort of truth…❤️ Another edit: This girl is literally so surprised about it turning on but it literally says android is starting like do you think androids are bad or something it is set up like a galaxy phone but that is no reason to hate on it and the first time she played the speaker for us she put a sound filter over it so it sounded trash but then she actually put the real audio which is not… how do I say this… too bad… but ya so she is acting kinda rich rich and you can literally change the theme of your phone so it doesn’t look so bad like a galaxy so I am sorry but… I know I keep saying this… this is not a hate comment it is just my personal opinion… and there might be another edit as soon as I finish the video… Another edit and I haven’t even gotten to the end yet: She says the audio sounds like trash but she is actual trash… sorry now I have changed my mind this is now a hate comment but plz still do not hate on me I am so so sorry for this but my personal opinion can be whatever I want to to be… there WILL be another edit… YET ANOTHER EDIT: I can’t even count how many times she puts filters on these sounds like chill with tryin got make it sound like trash girl!!!… Another edit later: 7:40 She is literally hating so hard in this phone and she is acting so bratty and rich there is nothing wrong with the screen she is just so used to the iPhone screen I mean most people can’t afford iPhones and this is what they live with and you are making them feel ashamed of the kind of phone they have. And she says the quality of the screen isn’t even decent like bro chill this is quite decent you are just trying to take advantage of the kind of quality we can see but it’s not working. Edit: Your just rating everything a 0 because it’s not the brand you like or your phone. Bro don’t be so stoked that it can actually make a call it’s literally a phone DUH!!! That’s literally what they are designed for not for playing games or texting your friends on Snapchat!!! Like BRO get it together!!!”ThE cAmErA oN tHe FaKe OnE lOoKs So DuMb!!!” ITS FAKE GET IT THROUGH YIYR HEAD BOIIII!!! 9:41 laughing at the Lock Screen oh so rich rich GIRL ITS NIT A IPHONE WE GET IT YOU DONT LITERALLY HAVE TO MAKE IT SEEM SO BAD LIKE UR FACE LOOKS UGLIER THAN THE PHONE LIKE YOU HAVE NO ROOM TO TALK!!! Bruh you threw it across the room it probably didn’t break but at the beginning you were just ranting about how you spent $120 on it so it better be decent and it was BETTER than decent!!! AND YOU THREW IT ACROSS THE ROOM!!! IT STILL HAS YOUR SIM CARD IN IT LIKE GIRL!!! You dumb! It’s a fake watch duh it’s not going to be perfect and you barely even tried it you focused on the iPhone the whole time!!!

  5. I met up with the girl who wanted my apple watch I sold. In broad daylight. At her workplace where she was working at the time I sold it to her. Guess what guys…. she didn't get scammed 😱 it's a muracle 😄🤣 I don't think I've been ever scammed in my life