I bought an Apple iPhone Xs from Amazon Renewed in 2020!

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I have been buying phones from Amazon renewed for a while now and I couldn’t wait to get the Apple iPhone XS so I could review it in 2020. Later I will compare this to the iPhone 11 Pro and see if you should buy this one or a different one.

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I got mine from seller Chubbiestech
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iPhone XS vs iPhone 11 Pro:
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  1. I know you like Amazon Renewed but I thought you might like to know the risk you run into. Say you get an iPhone and the battery is 88 percent. I have had iPhones that showed 95 percent and the battery failed. If the battery starts to drop fast or fails and you decide to send it to apple to have the battery replaced. Well, since it is renewed it may not have apple parts in it and apple may refuse to change the battery. If you are in the first 3 months you may be able to return it but if not well you will lose. The risk is a lot more than buying new. In this case, the XS costs more to replace the battery in it. Why is this so important? Well, you have a lot of fans. But your fans can not afford to lose money as you can. If they lose money then they will no longer be fans.

  2. Do you think i should buy the iPhone XS Max or the One Plus 8? My 11 pro max broke and i bought airpods with it. I dont know what to do.