I Ditched My Note 8 for the iPhone X-Here’s what happened

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The iPhone X has great demand, even at a starting price of $1,000 but from a lifetime Android user, is the new design and form factor enough to convert me? Here’s what happened…


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  1. Ive been using android my whole life, never used anything apple.
    I have an HTC One m9 that I have been using for 2-3 years, battery is still strong. Really looking at a new htc with finger print reading tho.
    Lack of a physical home button gets to be annoying I suppose, especially when the phone freezes up. The speakers on this arent as loud as they used to be, and there are less cases and excessories to choose from. But I get the freedom of android, which I dont use any real mods or loaders anyways.

  2. I returned my iPhone X. Hated the entire experience. I could rant about all the reasons but not worth it. Android owns Apple on phones. I like Apple better for computers too so if anything I am biased the other way.

  3. NOTHING to compare, note 8 wins, heres why:
    You spend the same amount of money on both, but the note 8 has extra features such as the headphone jack, fingerprint sensor, sd card + fast charger in the box.
    Case closed!

  4. Better screen than the note 8? My friend you need glasses. The iPhone X has 458 ppi whilst the Note 8 has 522 ppi, which makes the Note 8 screen superior by far

  5. WELL THEN. This video took a humble turn lol. Anyway, I bought the Note 8 coming from an iPhone for the last 5 years. I loved iPhone, then got the Note 8 and realized it was a BEAST. Then, I bought an iPhone X just to see what it offered and it couldn't even come close. I had the iPhone X for 3 days before I took it back. This is coming from an apple fan. I hereby announce, that I'm taking my talents to Samsung.


    We in this bitch.

  6. Im all for iPhone and Apple being an American 700+ company, more power to Apple ? but it's in many many ways inferior to only Samsung for many many years so stop trying to say it's better! Apple is not better, it's different! And that's fine if you think your going to impress someone on Facebook, but if that someone happens to own an Android (Samsung to be precise) then you'll only succeed in making a different, unintended statement. I've had an apple but I've been with Galaxy ever since the S3 and I'm very very happy! I'll let the housewives who know nothing about technology try to impress each other by owning the Latest iPhone!

  7. Dude enjoy that giant black teed st the top of your phone. The notch. Yeah yeah I don't even notice it. Right. Watch a movie in landscape. Or star at your phone constantly to unlock. Enjoy fanboy.