I Switched From iPhone to Android

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I wanted to experience first hand the experience when switching from iPhone to Android and back again. Features I need such as music, notes, photos, and smart home accessibility are some must needed features. Can Android offer all of this to me, without changing any services?

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  1. So their is a number of things that keep me away from android even though I know the devices are much better

    the first thing is the ecosystem I have a Mac iPad Apple Watch and Apple TV and they all seem to work well together

    which brings me to my next point I love iMessage because there's no restraints in terms of how much data I can send to other iPhone users

    lastly notes I have a ton of notes that I can review on my phone that I've taken on my iPad and Mac even the notes that I have written down with my Apple Pencil

    Michael I'm sad to say but you'll be back within the month I promise

  2. I thought about it too but iOS still king. Even though u can't customize iOS is more elegant and fluid than android. Software updates for years, iMessage is the best messaging app period, continuity is the best, iOS has better apps(example: snapchat and instagram work better on iOS), you can use google stuff on iOS but not do the opposite.

  3. I am now also making a switch to a Samsung S8 plus after about 8 – 10 years with apple, This video was helpful so thank you. Also wondering why you dont just use the google keep application for your notes? seems to be better than the app you were using and supports picture etc.

  4. Tried this. so far and trust me, I am really trying to switch to S8 but not looking good:
    1. Can't easily copy notes to Samsung Notes (has bold, locking etc and is free BTW). There are 3rd parties that do this but who wants to get a 3rd party for everything.
    2. Can't default std mail program to open in 'unread list'
    3. Can't remove preview in email list (# lines that show so you can see more emails per screen 
    4. Reminders is awesome on the iPhone and there is nothing like this. In fact I believe you have to incorporate to your Gmail acct and it is much less usable. I used for shopping list, Home Depot list, CVS list, Todo list, etc.,
    5. I live the notifications with apple pay where anytime my credit card is used (not necessarily thru apple pay) I get a notification of its use
    6. iMessage is much faster and free for pics etc
    7. Fingerprint on back is ridiculous. Yes you can work with it but it is clumsy at best.
    8. I cannot find out how to sign onto Samsung cloud like I could with iCloud to manage data through a browser so it will replicate to the S8 phone. I see others asking the same. Seems to be a simple backup and no interface whereas Apple has the simple backup but also an interface which is very vanilla but at least there is one..
    9. After typing all this, I guess I can see myself going back and exchanging my S8 for an IPhone 7 (too bad I am unable to wait for the iPhone 8)
    10. I am a techie so I thought all the flexibility of android would be great but I am thinking that the stability and ease of iPhone is better.
    11. Much to my surprise, the keys on the iPhone (for me) are easier to use than the S8.
    12. The other 3 in my family have iPhone so that also makes the switch tough (loss of FaceTime is challenging since kids don't want to use a second app like Skype)
    13. Syncing between apple devices (i.e. mac) is also advantageous.

  5. For "Notes" I use Google Keep. You can add photos, documents, appointments, etc. It's an awesome app for Android and you can access it from any computer by logging into your Google Account in any browser because it is a Google app tied to your Google account.

    You can change the settings in "Security" – "Smart Lock" (you'll have to enter pin or pattern) – "Trusted Voice" and turn on "OK Google" any time" to allow voice wake up of your Android device. Once this is done, you can just say "OK Google" and your phone will wake up and Google Assistant will listen to you say "change the desk to blue." You can do this without even having to touch your phone.

    You can get delivery notifications in Messenger – Open Messenger – tap 3 dots top right corner, then "Settings" – "Advanced" – Turn on "Get SMS delivery reports"

  6. Are You Still Using This Phone As Your Daily Driver??. And Would You Recommend Buying.. I Have A iPhone 6s And I'm Thinking About Switching To This Phone .

  7. Great video man… how did you get that set up?? Are you using Nova Launcher or stock Samsung??? I just switched from iPhone 7 Plus and I'm new to the android world..

  8. For note taking I use ColorNote on my devices it has sync and color coding for notes and you can even edit the title for the colors. Say any blue colored notes you can set the title for them as grocery lists and same goes for all the other colors great way to organize your notes. Don't know if you can bold, underline, italicize, or put pictures in but if I need to do that I can just use Microsoft Word for Android and make a note that way.

  9. I use both Apple and Android phones. unless its a stock Android device they all become glitchy after a few months . Samsung devices are really bad being laggy. I hope the s8 is better!

  10. This video was very helpful! It addressed a lot of my concerns about switching from Apple. I am getting a galaxy note 8 or S8 later this year! ??