I Switched From the Galaxy Note 10 Plus to the Note 9 || Psychology Experiment

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This is my experience from switching from the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus to the Galaxy Note 9. This is my first time using both phones. I spent two weeks with the Note 10 Plus and I spent the other two weeks using only the Note 9. Initially I missed the Galaxy Note 10 Plus but after a week I started to enjoy using the Galaxy Note 9. As time went on, I forgot about the missing features of the Note 10 aside from the wide angle lens.

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  1. I had a note 9 before and it's good but the battery is not that great before better than iPhone battery that I could say it was a champion but The champ is here Note 10 plus I just need a bigger screen and the Note 10 plus is a little bit bigger screen than the note 9

  2. I tried to tease my wife to trade in her note 9, I'm glad she said no. For me, the 9 is solid. I still want a headphone jack and SD card expansion. (Viewed and commented on my S9)