I tried iPhone XS for 3 weeks! ? (Lifelong Android User)

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I’m a lifelong Android guy, and I just switched to #iPhoneXS (daily driver) for 3 weeks.. it was fun and interesting! iPhone and iOS have some nice features, but too many things that force me to switch BACK to Android. Here’s my Pro’s and Con’s List of iPhone and iOS.

Which side are you on, #iPhone or #Android?! (My Instagram @schmanke poll was split down the middle, very surprisingly.)

Have you ever switched from one side to the other? Tell me your experiences down in the comments!

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  1. Apple is inferior in functionality but superior in status. That's what this boils down to. Those who want to fit in pick Apple. Those who want a device to work for them how they want it (use or not use whatever feature you want) choose Android.

  2. IOS system is so simple is confusing. But as soon as you see the smoothness and simplicity its a keeper. Professionals don’t waste time customizing a $1.2k phone or changing fonts. We want ease when working or doing work related tasks. Android is more for like teenagers that like to change and play with stuff.

  3. I have both. I use Apple and Android. I do find myself going back to Android a lot. I recently just dropped my XR to go back to my Pixel 2 XL. iOS got boring and I wasn't able to do certain things like you had said. The app layout and the way iOS looks hasn't changed since like 2011. That's sad. I also missed certain apps that weren't on Apple . They are both great but I missed my Pixel.

  4. I LOVE my S9+. It’s the best smartphones I’ve ever had and I’ve had a few, Android and iOS alike. To be honest I don’t like the prison iOS gives you, I don’t want my device to be like the other half billion other iOS owners out there. I want a divide that’s represents me, I can only do that on Android.

    The camera of the S9+? The best a smartphone has to offer, hands down. The screen at 4K? Beautiful! The speakers are Krisp.

    My only fault is bixby, but I remapped it to google Assistant ? nothing personal bixby

  5. The thing is a lot of the cons he mentioned in vid, I wouldn’t even use any of these features they seem unnecessary and makes ur phone look horrible plus slowing it down.

    Also yeh I agree google assistant is a lot better but I wouldn’t even use it cuz it’s not that hard to do it yourself plus I wouldn’t even trust it.

    iOS has a simple and nice design that has apps on screen that’s all u need. When u mentioned about closing apps it’s not big of a deal to close 1 app at a time if u close apps after use u wouldn’t even need to use the close app feature. It’s pretty picky.

  6. I agree with pretty much everything you said – I switched from Android to an iPhone 7 just over a year ago (mainly because I wanted a waterproof high-end(ish) phone that wasn't huge), the lack of customisation really is stifling when you start out, as is the having to go into the settings to turn vibrate on and off. But Apple has its good points as you say, so I have no idea what phone I'll switch to when I replace this one!

  7. No iPhone XS user has to close apps open in the background. That's how efficient iOS is. Yeah it's boring, but it's effective and consistent. Android suffers severely from security issues, malware constantly in the Android Store. Even most of the cheaper Chinese phones activate Malware after 30 days and you can't get rid of it. Good luck with banking on that device. I switch back and forth every other year, but security is important to me, and iOS has it in bags.

  8. Nice video, totally agree about the video settings issue. But I don't understand the part about Google assistant, is "hey siri" from across the room (screen off) in any way different than "hey google"?

  9. For me android! File management. Keyboards. Icon arrangement. Split screen. Notifications. Ability to change default apps. I tried iphone 6 plus. I tried 6s plus. I finally managed to use an IPhone 8 plus for three weeks but just can't…(I use LG and Pixel phones.)

  10. Unfortunately, these sort of videos never go down well. Just review the iPhone for what it is and not for what it isn't. ? And if it's not your thing just don't review it. There are like a million reviews on it. ?

  11. Having an iphone is like wearing an uniform for me. It's nice for a moment but i need to change clothes sometimes. Plus when you keep an iphone for a while (1 month) you start to feel clostrophobic. stuck somewhere with no chance of escaping. The jailbreak is dead, no prison break.
    But when it does everything you need it for it's perfect and efficient. Sadly i need to access the system file of my phone to copy and paste all sort of files and easily, plug and play style.
    i need a powerfull sharing tool, Apps that can access the system setting. With Apple you have to wait for them to make the evolution. With android you can make it for yourself and that's what i like.