I used this for a MONTH ☹ – Blackberry Key2

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The Key2 is the sequel to the KeyOne. Eagerly awaited by literally dozens of people, this last-generation typing experience is sure to please even business executives who refuse to learn or experience anything new.

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  1. I’m still getting it. I love physical keyboards. I just wish they would take the Classic, make it a little bigger, update the hardware, and put the key2 version of android on it.

  2. Everyone knows that horizontal sliding keyboard is better. More space, more keys. Livermorium keyboard mod developers – hi. You suck for ruining the last chance for users to get the good qwerty keyboard.
    I have a few questions:
    1) Have you ever tried something more complicated than texting messages?
    2) Do you know, how much pain in the ass can do for you just simple text selection, especially in browser, when the cursor constantly jumps up and down where you don't want it, while with keyboard you can just use shift and arrow keys.
    3)Have you ever tried to mutiquote someone on forum, when the virtual keyboard pop up every time you try to press a [quote] button and browser zoom in.
    4)Have you ever tried to use excel with virtual keyboard, constantly popping up, taking half of the screen every time. Enter formulas?
    I can go on forever.
    Just remember that qwerty phone is not the device for fun, but the device for work. If you just texting, you just don't need keyboard functionality. Just be like other "disabled" smartphone "users".

  3. All I can say is six months with a Galaxy S9 has made me nostalgic for the two years I spent with a Priv. I miss Blackberry's version of Android, as well as the hardware. I never even used the physical keyboard except for scrolling web pages, for which it truly came in handy. I also liked the Blackberry leather belt pouch. It was nicer than anything I've yet found for the S9. The battery became unreliable and I had to carry a backup charger, which I don't with the Samsung. Also, the rotation sensor went bad so the screen won't rotate. But it did take some bad falls.

  4. Why competing with 100 phones that run every app and every video for 100-1500$ on 4k 6,4" screens? Writing mails quickly, offer good security, awesome battery life, a screen I can use one handed…this is a "work-phone", not a "fun-phone" and there's plenty of reasons I would recommend it to my collegues rather than a 6,4" bezelless phone tbh 😉 Im glad blackberry/TLC still produces those phones.

  5. I’m a key2 owner, and as someone who thinks on screen keyboards and autocorrect has gotten worse, the key2 makes me 25% less angry everyday.

    Yes, the missing period is bad, and there could be more keyboard space.

    I don’t use the shortcuts, or the hub.

    But consider this: how long did you put up with bad iOS and Android features?

    An Android with a keyboard is needed, and I’m willing to put up with some of these issues in order to be nicer to the people around me because my phone isn’t pissing me off.

    I fully expect the next one to be better. And if TCL is watching, how about a side slider with a bigger keyboard? I miss my old Ocean, and a form factor like that would answer most of your concerns.

    I’m mostly typing and calling on my phone, with some games and things like maps and photos. Get a better camera and a side slider, and the result might be perfect.

    Oh, and another thing I like is that the positions of the buttons make it easier than my old Samsung to pop into my car mount without accidentally powering down.

  6. I don't understand why people like this make these videos. People who are into blackberry knows that this is a BS review. Others don't care. what the hell is the point.