Idle Zoo Tycoon Walkthrough #1 – NEW ZOO IDLE GAME!? – (Android Gameplay Let’s Play)

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Idle Zoo Tycoon Gameplay Walkthrough: #1 – NEW ZOO IDLE GAME!? – [Idle Zoo Tycoon PC Android Let’s Play Commentary]


Clickie Zoo is an incremental zoo tycoon game where you collect and raise your very own zoo animals. Upgrade them to increase their birth rate and value, then sell them for a profit

Improve your zoo with the small things like bathrooms and food stalls to attract visitors. More visitors means more money. Before you know it, you’ll be able to afford aquariums and safari rides!

Your zoo will continue to grow and make you money while you’re gone or idle. Use that cash to unlock new animals and continue building your zoo.

Trade your animals in bulk at the trading post for gems so you can research permanent upgrades for large boost

Watch as you start your zoo tycoon from mere dung beetles and incrementally work all the way up to gorillas and lions!

How much will your zoo be worth?

Key Features
• Idle Progress – Your zoo will continue to grow and make money while you’re gone
• Buy and sell your favorite zoo animals
• Animals populate based on a birth and death rate percentage
• Upgrade each zoo animal to help it’s survival rate and sell price
• Open your zoo to visitors to begin your zoo tycoon, this provides passive income
• Invest in improvements that can permanently increase birth rate or increase the maximum time your zoo can run without you
• Trade your animals at the trade post for gems which can be used to boost your progress
• No internet connection required, and only watch ads if you want
• A unique incremental / idle game experience without too much clicking
• Earn as many achievements as possible
• The clicker game that doesn’t require too much clicking

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  1. Hey there, developer of Idle Zoo Tycoon here! It was a nice surprise googling my game and finding this popped up. Thanks for the lovely playthrough, I'll be watching all of them, hope ya'll enjoy the game!