I'm Switching BACK to Android! Galaxy S20 vs iPhone 11 Pro: 40 Pros & Cons

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I’m switching off iPhone (using since Sep’19, 5+ months), back to Android with my Samsung #GalaxyS20! Here’s why: a list of 40 PROS and CONS of the S20 vs iPhone.

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  1. So I’ve thought about switching to Samsung from the 11 max. I feel like Samsung will give me a lot more for my money, but that’s the same reason stoping me, way too many unfamiliar features. On one side, I don’t get enough although I pay a lot, on the other side there’s too much, and it’s overwhelming. I’m stuck in the middle any suggestions? Should I go for S20+

  2. You interviewers on Youtube fall into the same trap as these android manufacturers who strive all they can on some specific specifications, and if it is 0.1 seconds slower, then it does not get too slow for that reason, it makes no sense. Specifications are not uninteresting, but the most interesting is how they are used in everyday life. All these interviews on Youtube are always about specifications and picture quality alone, and for me it will be more like aaah …

  3. You can keep everything you just mentioned
    Because Android is unstable, Camera crashes, glitches, app crashes, and overheating issues (reported allot by the s20 users) and odd camera results often.
    Iphone at least works, and does all the time.

  4. Great video. QUESTION: Have you done a comparison of Apple Car Play and Android Car Play (the latest version)? Would love to see YOUR review on those. Blessings!

  5. Been using android since my first smartphone, no regrets what so ever. Sony Xperia-> S2 all the way the S10+.
    Right now samsung also has their own ecosystem that I personally feel rivals apple ecosystem. Apple really need to buck up if they want people to stay with them or even get new users.
    Android is just to powerful in general.