iMessages in iOS 12 Going to WRONG CONTACTS??

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In iOS 12 YOUR MESSAGES MIGHT BE GOING TO THE WRONG CONTACTS!!! Multiple outlets are reporting this bug so we need to bring this to the attention of Apple so this can be patched IMMETCHEETLY! iMessage in iOS 12 is not working correctly due to a new unannounced feature where iMessage attempts to merge contacts with multiple phone numbers and Emails into one message thread! Are you affected? Lets talk about it!

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  1. Man all these things popping up after I decided to leave Android and come back to iOS. Things seem a lot simpler there right now…. Things like wifi and Bluetooth not connecting ???

  2. I called Apple on Friday September 14th. When iOS 12 was in Beta! Warning them about this bug with one Apple ID with all my family devices. Sent them logs and videos. They really didn’t care. I warned it’s gonna be a mainstream issue. Carriers may even sue Apple! Because it’s people’s messages being privatized under iMessage Apple ID and not phone numbers. Against common logic! Never was a issue using same Apple ID for different phone numbers before! Apples response was; “Use separate IDs”…. Well explain that to 70 year olds and families that never had issues before!