iMovie for iPhone & iPad – 15 Power Users Tips & Tricks 2017

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Learn how to master iMovie for iOS with these top 15 mobile editing tips and tricks for iMovie on the iPhone & iPad in 2017, to help you get the most out of your mobile editor on iOS and perform advanced edits with ease.

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iMovie for iOS is a powerful video editor for both iPhone and iPad but there are many shortcuts and features that are easy to miss. How many of the following Top 10 iMovie for iPad & iPhone tips and techniques were new to you? And which iMovie for iOS features that you use regularly did I miss? Please let me know in the comments.

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  1. I don't know what it's called but if you see in music videos they have black on the bottom and top can u do that in iMovie

  2. Awesome video
    I just wanted to know if you could please do a video on how to use the picture in picture effect for iMovie mobile. I would like to do reaction videos and so this would be very helpful.
    Much appreciated

  3. Thanks for the video. I use imovie to make photo slideshows but it defaults to 4 seconds and I am having to manually change every single photo to 1 second instead of 4. Is there a way to set the time for all photo clips at once?

  4. How do you cut the audio from songs that you've added? I want this music to be only in some parts of the video but I am not sure on how to cut the songs. Plz someone help lmao thanks in advance!

  5. Is there a way to add a new audio track or a new video (with its audio) to an existing project? What I wanna do is set up different cameras to film song covers so I would have a few videos each playing a different instrument (like a one-man band). Is there a way to mix all that into one video? Thanks.

  6. Hi, is there any way to add a picture inside of another picture in imovie? if not, what other apps (for the iPad and Windows 10) would you recommend? thanks 🙂

  7. Hello! This was really helpful ! But I have a problem, I am doing a project for my class and I want to add multiple photos and not videos the thing is I don't know how to change the time each photo take , can u help me?