Improve iOS 11 Battery Life (Tips & Tricks)

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Apple’s new iOS 11 is out! And it has a major battery drain issue. Here are some helpful tricks to improve battery life on your iOS device!

A few of the tips covered in this video…
1. Turn off excess notifications
2. Stop clearing multitasking
3. Turn off WiFi Assist
4. Frequent/Significant Locations
5. Device Analytics
6. iCloud Photo Library & Photo Sharing
7. Turn off auto updates
8. Processes on Cellular Data (iCloud Drive, files, photos, etc.)
9. Turn off App Offloading
10. Turn off Siri/Siri Suggestions

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  1. Thanks a lot dude! Just turning off the wi-fi assist is gonna save me some juice. I've also noticed that the youtube app drains battery like crazy in iOS 11. Anyone with the same issue?

  2. This video is a lifesaver! My iPhone 6 battery was 100% at 12PM and when my meeting ended at 3PM, I had 79% battery left. If I didn't come across this video, my battery would've been below 20% because of that stupid IOS 11 update. My battery life was still much better before that horrible update, but great video anyways!

  3. As per battery backup ios 11 is sucks… thanks to your video tutorial’s now its work.. it help me a lot… its better “nothing to something” thanks bro ????

  4. I am using iphone 5s but now it is not charging while it shows it is charging and is plugged in but charging does not increase it goes on decreasing slowly and steadily rather than charging. Can you suggest me something

  5. Everybody dont think its a great update, they all think it is trash all of the bugs fixes, the battery life. The crashing ??‍♂️but it took alot of bug fixes to get it right?

  6. Yea Apple suck bad make a million dollar phone with suck ass battery life you think the battery life be better but nope battery life suck 8 n 10 sad I see why Android is passing Apple