Improve iOS 7 Battery Life on iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c / 5 / 4S tips!

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Enjoy these tips and tricks for a better battery life!

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  1. Well done mate. I cannot believe that people are winging about battery life when they have everything turned on! Overall, the battery life on my 4S (5S inbound) has definitely been improved.

  2. Leaving Bluetooth on all the time has ALWAYS been one of the leading battery consumers that is avoidable. You generally won't be using Bluetooth all that time. Wifi when not near a wifi hotspot is the next leading battery consumer… but another is running apps. Its real easy to end up having multiple running apps backgrounded, and if you have one like a token generation app (like Google Authenticator or RSA), they're constantly polling and using battery.

  3. more tips: turn off cellular data (3G/LTE(4G)) when not in use
    or reduce motion (Settings>General>Accessibility>Reduce Motion) this helps reduce the motion in the background screen
    or turn down screen brightness
    or use headphones more than using the built-in speakers

  4. Was thinking of getting a iphone 5s but this seems tedious your paying alot of money and they give you a cheap battery._. Guess ill get the samsung galaxy s4

  5. I don't know why people think iPhones battery is bad… Mine is still going after 16 hours I'm at 35% with 10 hours of usage and it's been off charger since 8:00 am. A lot of people with iPhones just don't know how to tweak there phone to get better battery life. Or they will leave all there apps open or they will not lock there phone. I have seen so many people leave there phone unlocked while they walk away or put it in there pocket… Idk >.< my iPhone is really good with battery I don't suffer or anything I love my phone and it lasts a long time.

  6. I'm really frustrated right now, this is my second iPhone 5s after the first one had a scratch out of the box and just leaving on 4G gets the battery to loose 1 percent every minute. I also have an iPhone 5 and I could leave 3G on the whole day and I would still have 40-50% left on by the end of the day. I get about 5 hours of mixed usage on my iPhone 5s, half of what Apple claimed which is about 10 hours on LTE. My brightness is also below halfway, so it's kind of dark but I do this to save battery life, auto-brightness has been turned on. I also use location data, but from my experience on an iPhone 5, I know I would still get more usage even with this on (about 8 hours). I don't know if I have a faulty phone because Apple has admitted that there was a manufacturing glitch on a limited number of iPhone 5s's that may give them limited battery life and also take longer to charge, hopefully mine is not one of them. I'm just so disappointed with the battery life, I get so paranoid on how much battery it's taking, I constantly have to check, it's really annoying. Hopefully it's just a software bug or just a software related issue and not a hardware one. I'm going to deeply compare my iPhone 5's battery life with my 5s to see if there's really a problem. Can someone tell me how long they could use their iPhone 5s before it dies?