Inside iOS 11: How to use Split-View on an iPad!

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Appleinsider goes in-depth with a host of multi-tasking features coming to the iPad when iOS 11 gets officially released this fall. We take a look at everything you can do with the Slide Over, Split-View, and Persistent Video Overlay features. As well as some of the older, but still useful multitasking features on the iPad.


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  1. You’re going so fast it’s impossible to follow. It’s all so confusing it’s nothing but a crock to me. Useless confusing jumbo jumbo.

  2. How do you just get rid of the split screen. I opened the split screen by mistake, I have no idea how, and now I can’t close it. Could somebody just tell me how to close it? Please? I hate this new iso stuff.

  3. my ipad does not split the window like you show. After they added an undo button on ipad that in landscape mode is right under my thumb and erases entire posts routnely, I am ordering an android today.

  4. This split screen stuff does not work very well. My GF keeps ACCIDENTALLY getting the split screen. NONE of your hints work to return to single app screen. VERY frustrating, as I am the one who has to fix it!!!!

  5. I must ask if you have the video speeded up or if you really speak this fast always. I could not follow the video (which displayed some awesome features) in real time. Please slow down. Thanks for sharing

  6. Hey, I got the jist of your video but it you could add captions to your videos for those of us who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, that would be awesome! Thanks

  7. What version of iOS is this? I tried doing split screen but when I dragged my notes on to the side of my safari as shown in the video (0:57) it did the normal multitasking. Does anyone know why? Do I need a newer version of iOS? My current version is 11.0.2

  8. This stuff is great. Thx for the review!! I'm getting the IPad 2017 delivered at my house today. After having the iPad 2 on iOS 9.3.5 for 2 years now, this will be a big and awesome transition!! Merry Christmas!!!