InvisShield True Fit Google Pixel 2 XL Speaker LOCA Cleaning Guide – UV Adhesive Solution

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Did you just install a LOCA (UV Adhesive) based Tempered Glass Screen protector on your Google Pixel 2 XL or any other models?

Did LOCA get into your speakers or your buttons?

Check out this guide on how to solve and clean up any issues when LOCA gets trapped inside.

Works for InvisShield True Fit and Whitestone Dome type of applications

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  1. Thank you so much I tried this method although I didn't have liquid alcohol I used instead alcohol prep pad with brush 🙂 its working with me I'm so happy ^_^

  2. Thank you so much.It works.I would advise everyone putting a screen protector with LOCA to put tape over the speaker grill before starting the process.
    I was devastated when my s10+ speaker got damged last night.If it does happen this method worked a 100% for me

  3. This is nonsense to me.
    you put up this video likes its actually a norm thing??
    By showing this video , it actually show that your product are damaging the phone speakers. My
     Brother just got his new google pixel damaged by your product.. and by doing this video , you guys actually know that is gonna sip in the speakers and still you dont provide any stickers to prevent this from happening.
    I already stopped a couple of my friends from getting this as it may happened to them.

  4. Thanks for making the video. This really helped me. I also found that brushing without alcohol also helps to remove any loose LOCA. What I use and what really works magically is small pieces of printing paper (1×3 cm) to clean this crevices around the device. I slide two small pieces of paper in those spaces and roll along. It worrks wonders to remove all glue. I hope that helps somebody in their LOCA endeavor.

  5. Thank you for updating for cleanup guide.
    However this seems not perfect solution as it is not able to remove LOCA 100% but also damage the speaker grill more or less and small scratches around speaker by toothbrush.
    I'm sure nobody want to do like this video….just for applying screen protector…
    Why don't you consider to provide sticker like whitestone or masking gum?

  6. Atleast you guy took down the rest of the video actually showing people to take their phone apart to fix this issue lol. About 1% of the population would even be capable of doing such a thing without completely messing up their phone hahaha. I still think you should think of a solution to close the earpiece hole. Even a very small rubber plug.. there is also puddy like modeling putty loca manufacrures use to sell in China with their backlight sealers when people use to refurbish the iPhone 5 lcd with loca before OCA refurbish machines were available. I suggest the putty to plug the speaker hole bare minimum or maybe try wax. Atleast something that will stop the loca leaking