iOS 10 Hidden Features – Top 50 List

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Top 50 iOS 10 Hidden Features, Secrets + Cool Tips & Tricks Apple Didn’t Tell Us About! The Best of iOS 10 You Didn’t Know.

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  1. thank god u are making videos which involve using the iPhone 🙂 rather than doing drop tests and destroying them 🙁
    please tell me how can I better manage my storage and backup in iPhone se using apps, and very easy file managers where I can group my vedios, photos, and videos in folders

  2. Omg this was such an amazing video!!!!! So interesting and helpful! I just subscribed and liked this video!!!! I will definitely watch the second part "50 more" I saw it briefly and I'm definitely going to watch them!!! Thank u!!!! And amazing channel!!!!!!

  3. Try sending "Happy birthday" "Congratulations" and "Happy New Year" to someone in iMessages for something cool. (I WROTE THIS BEFORE WATCHING THE VIDEO)

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