iOS 10, the best of modern iOS (ft. Hugh Jeffreys)

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iOS 11 has been a bit of disaster and so I think it’s worth taking a look back iOS 10 and talking about why it was actually pretty good.
Thanks to Hugh Jeffreys for helping me with this, it was a lot of fun!
His video on iOS 6:
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  1. I honestly prefer iOS 11 to iOS 10. But I like how it ran on my iPhone 5. Even though it was the oldest phone with iOS 10, it was still pretty fast. Way faster than the 5S on iOS 11

  2. Still rocking iOS 10.3.3 on my dads 6S. Unfortunately I have to deal with iOS 11.3 on my X. Shittiest iOS ever.

  3. I have ios 10.3.3 in iPhone 5s.
    Works Good as a daily driver,the phone is rocking good even in 2018 with a 2017 software.I have a friend with ios 10.2 and a 5c in my hands with 10.3.3.Runs perfectly even in an iPhone 5/5c device.

  4. I'm still on iOS 10 on my iPad 2017, at first I updated to 11 the day it came out and I really didn't like it's performance and several bugs so I downgraded like a week after. Since then I haven't updated mostly due to inertia and because I think it's cool to have it on the latest release of it's original OS. I'd sure love that apple allowed you to install whatever compatible iOS version you like, or at the very least the latest version of every major release.

  5. I have an iPhone 5s on iOS 10 and compared to it on iOS 11 it’s so much speedier and overall a whole lot more stable.

  6. If only the iOS 10.3 was compatible with the iPhone 8 Plus, I'd be all over that. Sad thing is… iOS 11 is the iPhone 8's native software and its a mess.

  7. Cheers for featuring my comment man, appreciate it.

    Just wanna clear up one thing though: the “nostalgia” part was probably a poor choice of words, I didn’t mean nostalgia as in how people look at older devices and versions, but more in a “hey, remember the good times before iOS 11?” kinda way.

    Great video though, keep up the quality content!

  8. Personally I think iOS 9 is my favourite, I don't like the design changes in iOS 10 and I miss having full-screen album art when listening to music. ?

  9. Honeslty iOS 10 on my iPhone 7 Plus ran so fast and fluid and it was definitely better than my iphone 8 on ios 11. Easily says how important software really is.

  10. I got an iPhone 6s with iOS 10.3.3 and I just got a new battery. My 6s with that iOS has been great, so got a new battery and it's like new. Nothing is wrong with my iPhone and iPhone 8 wasn't that worth it to upgrade.

  11. I have to respectfully disagree. iOS 11 is the best modern iOS. The latest one always is, at least when it gets out of it's first few versions (11.0.x in this case).

    I am running stock iOS 11, and I couldn't be happier: I have a customizable Control Center (finally!), build in screen recording, can view gifs in my Photos app, and have a few other neat features on top of everything iOS gained.
    In fact, I am really missing only 1 feature that I want to get from jailbreaking: Activator, for custom gestures. On iOS 10 meanwhile, I had to install at least 5 tweaks, and every iteration earlier, more of them.

    Now, you might talk about performance issues and battery problems, but, so far, iOS 11.(.2.5) has been a wonderfully smooth and fast experience. I know some people are experiencing issues, but I believe a lot of them could be solved if they just did a fresh restore in iTunes and set up their devices as new (or, in the case of A7/A8 devices, turned off features like Paralax and Translucency).

  12. iOS 11 is gross. And while iOS 10 had some outstanding regressions and compromises compared to iOS 6, the additional features and more modern approach resulted in a very solid system.
    Every time I use our iPad I'm grateful I haven't upgraded my phone to iOS 11…
    With the removal of TouchID, the 3.5mm audio jack, and mandatory iOS 11; I won't be getting another iPhone.

  13. I sent my iPhone 6S for a battery swap and I temporarily use my old iPhone 5 on iOS 10.

    I'm really surprised how usable it is even after so many years. Even most third party developers, keep their apps updated and there are no modern features to be missed.

    iOS 10 is still really good, because it works like a tool. But I can't praise it, because after the last update, there are many bugs left (for me at least). Thankfully, they are rare and not intrusive like the newest iOS 11 bugs.

    I believe that iOS 10 deserves the good reputation and set a new robust standard for the next iterations of iOS.

  14. Great collab!

    iOS 10 still is far too recent and similar to iOS 11 to be considered 'nostalgic' in my opinion.

    And yes it does run well on even the iPhone 5, it's the reason I still use one as a spare phone.

  15. Ever since iOS 9 came out, I am still using it after 2 years later cause it can keep up with what I’m doing. I wish I would of used iOS 10 but I know it would be slow on my 5s

  16. i miss IOS 9. IOS 10 was okay but i hate the click to unlock if your home button broke your iphone would become unusable. In my opinon 9.3.4 And 6.1.3 was the best verisons of IOS. Thats my opinon

  17. I still have my iPad Mini 2 on iOS 10.3.3 and I have been using iOS 10 since the first version, I remember waiting for it to download it and it took like all night, I was like "How do you open it" when they took away the home-button. Anyway, I love iOS 10