iOS 10 tips: 11 little things that make a big difference

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With iOS 10 on its way out, here are some handy things you may want to consider when the software lands on your phone.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Hands-on –

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  1. how to download apps from PC and install on iPhone with ifunbox for ios 10.0.1, but I don't know how to download apps. so I download app didn't install to iphone in ifunbox Whay? please give me link for iphone app ios 10.0.1. and new version ifunbox! I need to some apps for my iphone such as (Shrek kart ) how to download! and so my Appstore not available. please?

  2. I updated my 6s today and i got 10.0.1…
    The problem with my updated is :- in the main screen at the bottom the background color is completely white it is not transparent and the background folder color is also white and sometimes my 6s getting hang
    Please help.. What's wrong i don't understand…?

  3. So I got my iPhone 7 matte today and my last phone was Samsung and its 100% different. Could you please help with the App Store and how you create on iPhone 7. Ever other vid are iPhone 6 down. Thanks or comment and HMO !

  4. As you mentioned Apple apps are hided, not deleted. So the memory is NOT freed up. But altogether they are about 150MB – so what? Important is WHY they are not deleted. What if you open a mail (mail app deleted) and you have no internet connection to redownload it? That's the reason!