iOS 10 Tips and Tricks – Secretly Record Videos

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iOS 10 Tips and Tricks – Secretly Record Videos

What is going on guys Apple Fox here, Merry Christmas by the way, and in todays video I’m going to show you a very cool trick you can use. It works on every iPhone and what it basically does is that is lets you record a video secretly, with black screen, locked device and nobody ever knows you’re recording. So it’s really cool. You don’t a jailbreak to make it work. So let’s get straight into it.
The first thing you have to do is going to settings, general, accessibility and there you can see the zoom option. In case you have it enabled then you don’t have do anything but if not, you need to turn it on.
If you’re making it for the first time, it might happen that your screen zooms in immediately after you turn on the zoom feauture. So you just have to double tap with three fingers to make it go back.
Now you have to use three fingers again but instead of doulbe tapping, you have to tap three times using three fingers which might seem kind of weird if you’re not used to it but you will not have to do that again. Click on choose filter and then tap on Low Light.
As you can see it’s gonna dim your screen, but keep it like that for a moment. Don’t worry you can use whatever brightness you want, you’re not limited to use this small brightness.
Now scroll all the way to the bottom in accessibility menu and there you will find Accessibility Shortcut. Here you are basically able to choose what happens when you click the homebutton three times.
You can choose Voice Over, Inverted Colors and all of that stuff, so click on zoom. To go back to the brightness you previously had just triple click the home button and there you have it. Now you’re done with the setup process.
Get to the lock screen and in iOS 10 the camera is accessible by swiping on the display from right to left and you can take photos without having the passcode of the device. So Access the camera but keep your finger on the screen just like that and click on video and start recording.
Now swipe the screen back but again don’t let it go, keep it like that and triple click the home button. You of course need to use two hands. Once you do that, then just lock your device and the video is being recorded at the moment. As I said nobody knows what you’re doing with your phone.
After unlocking your phone and opening up camera, you will hear the sound when you stop recording. In case you don’t know, this is how it sounds.
The video is saved in my photos and as you can see it’s been recorded while my device was locked so it works really well.
Okay so we have reached the end of this video, remeber I’m not trying to encourage you to do some bad things using this glitch but it’s great to know that it’s possible. Thank you for watching, Merry Christmas and enjoy your holidays. Peace.


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  1. So do a million things and click another million things. Thanks Apple, you could have given me the direct option BUT NOOOOO better to click a million things instead

  2. Congratulations… I've been looking for this option for a while… and ir really works… the only thing that worry my is that in future updates it gets fix

  3. Heads up: this method stopped working on iOS 11 Have been using this feature for well over a year up till 10.3. Just installed iOS 11 and can’t get it to work any longer…bad times