iOS 10 vs Android N 7.0 Nougat: Side by Side Comparison

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In this video, sakitech will do a side by side comparison of iOS 10 vs Android N 7.0 Nougat and compare some of the newest features on each mobile operating system. Both iOS 10 and Android N 7.0 Nougat have refined interfaces, updated notifications panels, and much more. Let’s see how they compare.

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  1. This review missed all the things that make iOS great. Never demo'd accessing other apps from within apps and navigating back to between them. Never demo's location sharing right from within iMessage. Never demo'd photo album sharing using one global "activity" album that brings in all updates as they happen, at once. Never demo'd continuity between devices from within apps, from web browsing and tabs to phone calls in and outbound, to remote hotspot on the phone from other devices, not to mention Siri's integration controlling the OS. Wait, what about live photos on iOS, incredible! Or better cameras and stabilization. Oh, did I mention all the Google Apps are available on iOS. I own both Android and iPhone devices and while I love how I can customize my droids, especially the widgets and Google Photo cloud, Google still has a LONGGGGG way to go when it comes to true everyday "usability" without having to think about it. When they get there, I'll make the switch, but their ecosystem still has it's head stuck in the sand and has no idea how to do it right.

  2. at 17:00 you CAN multitask quickly between two app by 3d touch swipe from left edge of the phone to right. It quickly switches between the last opened app or opens the multitasking pane altogether… Just so you are more correct in your video.

  3. You can quick switch app on 6s and above, 3D Touch on the edge of the screen, a little bit harder bring up the switcher, do it very quick then switch back and forth.

  4. Android has an incredible personality options.
    ios has… hmm… 3d-wannabee wallpaper, which is actually available on Android either and looks even better. I see no reason to buy apple's products while there is a massive number of Android devices with a huge possibilities and a prices fron $5 to over $1000.

    One thing – could you – apple fanboys – do me a favor and try to put any random icon on a spot you want? Like add another empty screen and put only this icon on this screen?

  5. Fantastic comparison! Thank you for the excellent detail! I'd love to see an updated one with the latest iOS 10 version vs Nougat for those of us considering switching from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8.

  6. OK so I am well over 60 yrs old.
    I started on an old Nokia and switched to iPhone about 4 years ago my reason for the upgrade was the new phone was Digital and has a camera, yep I am old school it's a phone and camera for me.
    It is a shitty camera as low light and to much light FAIL I can't do any thing but basic photo work.
    So I am about to travel around Australia over the next year or so and I wanted to film and photo my way around.
    Australia is going to be a bugger for phone coverage so I will need to get a satellite phone for the out back and a new high-cost camera for the trip.
    I never use the phone for the interweb and I did not even know about the swipe up and down on the start screen, so thanks for that I have a phone torch now.
    so if you want my count, if Australia had not gone Digital I would still have the Noki and my old camera——I sold it to get the new phone.

  7. I'm not a techno savvy guy but I prefer Android because you can expand the memory with the SD card and also with Android seems like you have more freedom to do more things and with apple and seems like you're limited

  8. Steve J. Say Before That Apple Create Device Which is Compatible With Software , But Android Proves That it is The System For All Devices , Android As System From Google Is Open Source System "Row Material",Then Each Phones Company In the Industry Can Adjust This System As their Needs , And That's The Reason which Makes you Find Differences Between Android Phones Like "Sony VS Samsung" .
    My Personal Opinion That Sony Succeed in Manufacturing A Devices Compatible with It's Formed Adjusted Android , Just Focus On Xperia XZ Premium Series .

    Last Point To The People Who Think that IOS More Secure Than Android , It's Depends on the Device And The Manufacturer Which Allow you To Have 2 Sim Cards & Memory input , It's Depends on the Manufacturer.