iOS 11.0.1 Released! What’s New Review!

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iOS 11.0.1 Update Released! iOS 11.0.1 Review, Everything You Need To Know! Features, Changes & Crash Bug Fixed.

iOS 11 FULL Review:


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  1. My battery still isn't good on 11.0.1. Ran a geekbench and its dropped 4% just doing that. I usually use power saving mode but did this test on normal settings and it's really not good in normal mode. I'm using an iPhone SE and the battery health in the battery life app shows 99% so its not the battery at fault.

  2. Should I do this iOS v.11.0.1 for my iPhone 6? I held off doing the iOS v.11.0 only because what I heard in the previous video here (so glad I found this channel and Subscribed!). Anyway, unsure what to do now. Should I just keep running iOS v.10.3.3 instead until further videos say otherwise for older iPhones?

  3. The irony is that 11.0.1 is even worse than 11 itself lol Had no crash and lagging issues on 11, but faced them right after updating on 11.0.1. Fuck Apple.

  4. I updated to iOS 11.0.1 from iOS 10.3.2 and for a few days the OS remained laggy but now it is fluid but still 3D Touch lag is there, lag in opening and closing of apps (just like 3% of the time) but I don’t see any difference in battery life of 10.3.2 and iOS 11.0.1 overall performance is now good and hopefully apple will release iOS 11.1 with these issues fixed. 🙂

  5. in ios 11, iphone 7 plus used to rotate to landscape mode while on call and screen off feature won't work due to that..but they fixed it in ios 11.0.1..happy for that

  6. Install and reset device to new ios… ios 11.0.1 best battery life on 7+ more than 24hours standby while ios 11.1 beta 1 would not even hold more than 8 hours..

  7. Please anyone help me
    I cannot Update any apps from istore and can’t even update iOS version 11.0.3 my connection is good I can browse internet on apps that I’ve installed but can’t update nor can’t download apps or games help me. After I upgrade my iOS version to 11.0.2 the problem get started

  8. ios11 is fucking garbage. I'm not even lying when I say this, my iPad mini 3 was on an early version of iOS 10 for the longest time (like a year) since I was lazy and never updated it. I could consistently get about 4 days of battery life on it since I only really watch youtube on it. After I updated to iOS 11, I swear to god after maybe 3 hours on youtube the battery is already at 40%. I have never been so upset over an update. Just a lagfest and garbage battery life.

    I could watch youtube for 3 hours and have it go down to maybe 90% and now it even drains power while idle. On iOS 10, it NEVER consumed power while inactive. iOS 11 literally drains battery while inactive. Awful update. Apple should be ashamed.

  9. I am updating mine now and it was on the apple screen and the bar filled all the way up and now the bar just went all the way back down! What should I do I am so scared it is updating on an iPad mini 2.